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TrickyPaw | Your Cat’s Purrrfect Companion

Exploit your cat’s hunting nature – bringing a new all-round hunting experience through vision, hearing and touch.

TrickyPaw is a feature-packed, intelligent toy that is designed around your feline’s natural hunting instincts keeping them entertained and accompanied all day long.

TrickyPaw aims to stimulate your fluffy’s hunting nature, bringing a New ALL-Round Hunting Experience to your cat through light, sound and touch. 

Interact with your cat in real-time through the app, allowing you to participate in the cat’s hunting process. 

Customize the escape routes of the “prey” or select 9 programmed routes, switching different simulated sound effects to attract the cat’s attention.

9 escape routes and 9 sounds are intelligently and randomly matched, keeping your fluffy entertain when you’re away.

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