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design Triclops

Let me present you with PHANTASOS newest brand! It’s a show-stopper of a watch – The Triclops. Three-armed roaming hour watches are unique and also unusual. Not to mention, generally really expensive. As well as in most cases others use 3 flat sapphire or metal disks. Hour numbers are represented on each disk.

The Triclops goes in a different way: the hours are now on each element of a 4-sided rectangular cylinder (Hourslik).

It turns like a long blink to its new hour! It does that the moment the hourslik starts its traveling throughout the minute register above. This is far less complicated and more active than reviewing a 2-dimensional disk. In addition, 3 “eyes” spin around our Triclops! This gives the user boldness and striking statement. This watch is a game-changer! Not just a straying hour complication. The Triclops uses a Rotating Hour Complication!

rotating triclops

Phantasos builds the experience from our previous watch brands. They are Angles Watches and ZŪM Watches. Al that in association with workers, developers, workplaces, production…  Also, sourcing parts from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, and the USA.

man's arm with watch


  •  316L stainless steel or 316L stainless steel with DLC Black
  • 42mm Width,  13.5mm Height
  • Top double-dome sapphire crystal with antireflective coating. (When “double domed,” the crystal is round not just on the outside but the inside. As well, prevents distortion when looking at the watch from an angle.)
  • Exhibition sapphire crystal caseback
  • Push-pull crown
  • Water Resistance: 5 ATM (50m)
  • Drilled Screw-Down Lung
Time measuring on triclops


  • Miyota 90S5 with Rotating Hour Component.
  • 24 Jewels.
  • 28,800 Defeats Per Hour.
  • Precise to +/ -10 Seconds a Day.
  • 36 Hour Power Get.


  • Double layer dial with Swiss Super-LumiNova ® pigment. White in daylight and, correctly charged, glows blue-green in the dark.
  • Activity cover baseplate with radial vents. It comes in color-matched Steel, Royal Blue, or Black.
Watch on a glove


  • 24-20mm Italian vegetable tanned natural leather. hand-stitched with strong 316L stainless-steel buckle.
spring bar release

The Phantasos Triclops is powered by a Miyota 90S5 automatic movement.

It registers at 28,800 beats per hour! Also, has a power reserve of 36 hrs. This is a very high-quality Japanese movement. Usually, they use it by high-end watch brand names. In addition, it’s similar in accuracy to even more expensive Swiss ones. The 90S5 is part of Miyota’s Premium Automatic line.

Each component is thoroughly tested throughout the assembly process.

parts of Triclops

That way you have a guarantee it still holds the exact same manufacturing chronometric criteria (-10/ + 30 sec per day). This enables us to preserve the integrity and serviceability of the Miyota Caliber 90S5. At the same time, developing a fun way of presenting time. We thoroughly change this motion in 5 positions to achieve +/- 10 seconds a day slippage.

The Triclops watchcase

virdian color
steel triclops
pitch black
royal blue

Made from 316L stainless steel and polished. This stainless steel is corrosion as well as scrape resistant. Also, it is an optimal product due to its shock-absorbing ability. This preserves the watch’s motion. The “blackout” Nightwalker’s stainless-steel case is sandblasted. Afterward, it’s passed out with diamond-like carbon (DLC) depositing its pigment. This is much superior to PVD smudged situations. Nightwalker’s black has no polish. With a matted design, it gives a seriously aggressive look.

All versions feature Swiss Super-LumiNova ® filled up for late evening journeys.

Luminescent pigments function like light storage batteries. UV light charges the “battery” and, later, the power is gradually emitted in the form of light. This game with light is timeless. Also, the material does not struggle with aging.

silver triclops

Leading double-dome sapphire crystal is anti-reflective coated. When “double-domed,” the crystal is rounded. Not just outside, yet on the inside, too. At the same time, this protects against distortion when checking out the watch from an angle! The exhibit back’s window of our unique Phantasos rotor is likewise sapphire crystal.

whole set of triclops

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