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Trolala | Designed for Travel & Life

Trolala is a beautiful weekend trolley! It’s perfect for the spontaneous trips life brings.

 Natacha Seroussi from Laflore made it with reminiscence. Her wish was to revive the beauty & style of the history of traveling.

trolala design

Produced from lasting premium cork oak its skin is eco-friendly. That way thinking about tomorrow, and also the many journeys that are yet to come.

Parisian Chic

A style influenced by the golden age of travel. It is made with great thought! Also matches the needs of contemporary travelers. On the go or just for the weekend – Trolala enhances your journey.

woman traveling with trolala

Equipped with two big handles for a very easy lug by hand, offering you a smooth rolling. And the brass clasp opens 180 degrees. Have a broad, clear view into the bag. The inside was made with a purpose. Every single zip, pouch, and also pocket is made to organize your essentials perfectly. An external zip is here for very easy access. Wheater to your laptop, phone, or key, while on the move.

Overall, Trolal has 9 pockets and compartments.

the orange inside of trolala

They will keep your things arranged and accessible. The bright orange lining helps you find your belongings with just a glance. One easy access to zipping for your laptop and an additional for your passport as well as phone.

Trolala is made to last

These bags are handmade with love. Their sustainable cork originates from Portugal. And the lining is made from environment-friendly recycled cotton. They have a worldwide team of artisans and also workshops. All of them are pioneers in innovations of eco-friendly and lasting crafts.

parisian chic of trolala

They share an enthusiasm for design and style. Their concern for our environment led them to think greener. Together they produced the brand name LaFlore. Luxury as well as sustainability, this is a great option for women. Especially the ones who really care about ethics, but like to look fashionable.

trolala with handle

The design process for the bag starts in our Parisian atelier.

First from the idea to the sketch of the bag. Following the development of a sample. It takes 6 months to a year, from bare concept to initial design. Sometimes even more.

couple huging, trolala bag

Throughout this process, they remain in close interaction with their team of craftsmen. Their huge experience in the development of high-end bags lasts for over three decades. Until it’s perfect, samples are tested and scrutinized. Their bag artisans pay attention to every piece of detail. That way ensure every bag is of the greatest possible quality.

trolala colors available
features of trolala

Better than Leather!

Their bags are handcrafted from a cork skin of premium quality. The cork was collected in Portugal. After that, polished until the structure is as soft and flexible as leather.

in close trolala

Cork is a resistant and long-lasting material. Similar to natural leather, however 3 times lighter. It is completely ethical for animals concerns, and eco-friendly. 

made from premium cork

Harvesting the bark from the cork tree is possible every 7 to 9 years. And it does not affect the trees. In fact, this harvesting technique aids the tree’s growth. That produces more oxygen!

trolala fits every style

Founders of Trolala : Elie & Natacha

Laflore is a family business. Elie, the dad, is the owner of one of the leading fashion houses in Paris – CECILE & JEANNE. He has been in the fashion business for over thirty years. Natacha, the daughter, is a young designer. Born and raised in Paris. She has been surrounded by the finest bag workshops all her life.

founders, father and daughter

It took them a year of study and dozens of models. The idea of bark was born.

Finally, Laflore is thrilled to invite Trolala into the family.  The tradition of designing backpacks for ladies is continued. But important – combine principles & aesthetic appeals. You can be certain that a handbag from LaFlore is one of a kind! Versatile, comfortable, environmentally friendly… As well as put the cherry on the top with any kind of outfit. Traditional and sophisticated, that is what every woman seeks.

trolala logo

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