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TSTAND 2 | Tablet-iPad-Phone-Switch – Holder For Bed

Tstand 2 now holds ALL devices! iPhone, Samsung, Nexus, Switch, iPad, Surface, etc with super easy improved smartphone adapter.

In 2015, Tstand 1.0 was launched – a multi-use tablet holder that became a favorite among 1000’s iPad and tablet owners. Their Kickstarter was a huge success. In other words, they were able to sell tens of thousands of units all over the world. People simply love it.


The reversible base of Tstand is its most defining feature, differentiating it from all other tablet holders. Tstand’s 310° of flexibility makes it perfect for any context. From watching a movie in bed to sitting at the desk to relaxing on the couch, use your Tstand 2 anywhere. Tablets are multi-functional devices, and it’s only natural for the stands that hold them to be multi-functional too.

Up to 310° of rotation

Tstand holds all devices. You can lie comfortably in bed while streaming movies on your iPad, reading with your kindle, or playing on Nintendo Switch. The perfect companion for all your devices is finally here. Its expandable hooks can fit any device between 7″ to 13″ in landscape mode and many devices even in portrait mode.


iPad, Android, Microsoft, Lenovo, Kindle; you name it, Tstand 2 can work with it.

Supports all devices up to 12.9 inches

By elevating your tablet closer to eye level, Tstand eliminates all sources of potential strain and creates a more comfortable viewing experience.

Simply insert your tablet into Tstand’s protective silicone grippers and voilà! Your Tstand is set up and ready to go. You can then rotate the base or adjust the angle to suit your needs.

working with tstand

Not only is Tstand lightweight – weighing in at just over a pound. It’s also easily foldable for maximum portability. It’s designed to fit into any tablet carrying case 10″ and up.

Using a tablet is not always the most comfortable experience. Sure, they are wonders of technology and we love them, but they are also big, thin rectangles of hostile design. In fact, they believe that tablets are a bit of an ergonomic and technological tragedy. They were not designed to be held. Tstand solves the issue by elevating your tablet to eye level – providing a hands-free, ergonomic viewing experience.


Whether you’re working on a document at your desk, watching a movie on an airplane, or enjoying solitaire on a park bench, Tstand has got you covered!

It’s really very simple: Tstand 2 has an extendable arm fitted with protective hooks that are engineered to secure your device without exerting too much force, so as not to damage them. Simply extend the arm and insert your tablet into Tstand’s protective silicone grippers. It’s as easy as that.

Tstand has a patented reversible base with strong friction hinges that provide a smooth transition between two modes: the casual bed position and the upright desktop position.


With 310° of adjustable angles, it’s up to you to figure out your favorite unique use and position with Tstand.

They received valid feedback regarding issues that had eluded them in the testing phase of the 1.0. Some of the units had squeaky plastics, while others had bottom hooks that weakened over time, especially from accidental drops. Perfectionists that they are, they wanted to satisfy everybody, even if that meant spending another few years perfecting the product and painstakingly finding solutions to the problems. They have now returned to deliver on their continual promise to create the perfect tablet / iPad experience.


Tstand 2’s new rubberized finish looks amazing and feels even better.

This improvement is a game-changer. It eliminates the squeaking and fingerprints are not evident like they were on the glossy finish. It grips more on flat surfaces, and it provides a warmer, organic feeling on the skin. It’s hard to explain, but it feels intimate, higher quality, and sooooo good!

Those who have tried out Tstand 2 with the new texturized rubber finish have said it has made a world of difference. Even people that love the first Tstand and use it every day admit that the first Tstand’s glossy texture made it look cheap, but this new texture makes Tstand 2 look like the super high-quality product that it is.

A common complaint is that the hooks would become damaged after a few years of repeated drops. It’s true, nothing lasts forever, but they really want Tstand to last forever anyway. The hooks have been re-engineered to give stronger support in order to survive falls, extensive use, and being handled more roughly.

They’ve made the inner metal frame of Tstand 2 thicker and stronger than before.

IT is not obvious… 0.5mm here, 0.25mm there… engineering where they can to add small amounts of strength to the metal frame results in stabilizing your tablet better in all positions.

Along with the incredible Tstand 2 improvements, they have also improved the accessories that can be attached to your Tstand. Most notable is the smartphone adapter.


Although Tstand was originally designed for tablet use, there are all kinds of supersize phones and tablets out there that have the same problem – they are hard to hold! Especially when watching shows. Now, with Tstand, you can use your smartphone to stream shows and play games in bed thanks to this simple, easy-to-install add-on.

This is the accessory that has changed the most since the launch of the Tstand 1.0. Now it is super flexible and super easy to slip on.

The bottom of the adapter has also been redesigned to fit perfectly into the bottom hooks without removing the silicone padding. Switching between iPad and iPhone with Tstand 2 has never been easier or faster with the new phone adapter.


This clip-on manages pesky wires, both while you’re using Tstand 2 and as a storage solution. It keeps your earbuds close to your Tstand 2, and it prevents wires from tangling.

The feet provide that extra grip to flat surfaces that will keep your Tstand 2 in place, even when you are typing or drawing directly on the tablet. A must-have for desktop users!

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