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Presenting JMGO U2, a best-in-class 4K projector!

With advanced tri-color laser innovation, you get a whole new viewing experience! With that, unparalleled surround system, and also spectacular style. You literally have a full home theater!

What’s the benefit of NATIVE Tri-color Technology?

This technology was made primarily for cinemas and theaters.

tri color tecnology of U2

Other compromised solutions still need to rely upon the addition of the Phosphor Wheel part in front of the source of light. But, U2 can directly project an indigenous tri-color laser resource. Of course, without the loss of colors. In this way, U2 can produce 114% of the rec.2020. With that, exceeding the BT.2020 standard by 14%, and also the IMAX criterion by 159%.

An attractive, futuristic silver design of U2

Its sleek, contemporary look permits it to blend perfectly with your interior. While its unique, inverted cone speakers provide an unforgettable profile.

the designe of u2 4k

The special inverted cone layout was in fact influenced by the outstretched hands of the E.T. poster! This unusual layout enables the audio speakers to resonate far better. Meaning, enhancing the acoustics of the tool.

The JMGO U2 uses the industry-leading three-way laser projection system.

The U2 attains 114% BT.2020 shade gamut with advanced innovation. Also, 159% more than the color criterion needed of IMAX movies. This allows you to identify the most subtle shades. 

watching projection in room U2

The best-in-class Wide Color Gamut (WCG) provides amazingly vibrant and beautiful colors. So accurate you can see the difference in lipstick shades!

The U2 uses advanced XPR innovation by Texas Instruments.

Pixel-shifted 4K brings 8.3 million distinct pixels. That suggests it’s capable of playing a 4K video while maintaining the sharp, crisp look.

laptop and projector U2

Take your home entertainment to the next level! The graphical integrity is so sharp you’ll feel like you’re right there in the scene.

It features an effective light, efficient in producing 3600 ANSI Lumens on an ALR display (2400 ANSI lumens without display)

Meaning, even in the daytime, offers you crisp and clear images. Using a built-in photosensitive electronic camera, the U2 can automatically change the illumination of the screen. It follows the illumination of the ambient light. So no hands-on change of brightness is required, whatever the surroundings.

Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC), is an innovation to smooth out images. Also, is particularly beneficial in any type of situation when each frame counts. Such as activity pictures or when watching sports. Make the fastest-moving pictures crystal-clear. Given that you can get the most out of every structure!

Finally, the U2 is  3D compatible with the JMGO 3D glasses!

The 3D viewing is still the most immersive experience! With this product, you can watch it any time you desire.

3d experience GLASSES

The JMGO U2 is ideal for home theaters, living areas, and offices… Also, its minimal lens-to-screen ranges imply much more blocked views. The U2 makes use of ultra-short-throw modern technology and also boasts a 0.25:1 throw rate. Put it simply 9.4″ from the wall for a sensational 100″ view!

U2 4K

You can take pleasure in crystal-clear image high quality. Also, cinema-standard 15000:1 contrast ratio, as well as an unrivaled 100″ picture size. The JMGO 3D glasses use a DLP-Link chip for a smooth image change. The rechargeable glasses will certainly last 45 hours! In only one charge. Also, it will turn off instantly when not in use. Their ultra-lightweight frame of only 26g, will never make it heavy for your nose bridge!

It isn’t simply a crystal clear projector

clear projection FROM U2

Also, it includes an impressive surround stereo.  Of course, constructed into the exact same gadget! Co-created with Dynaudio, the U2’s has 4 powerful electromagnetic speakers. They are double confirmed, both Dolby Audio as well as DTS-HD. This is a guarantee the outright for the finest quality acoustic experience.

yspeakers sound clear

The U2 utilizes omnidirectional Stereo compensation Technology.

That way produces a full surround audio experience. You get deep, driving bass and ideal, clear highs. With a 2400cc ultra-large audio cavity, it raises sound with exceptional clearness. But also information and dynamics at a remarkable sensitivity. Fill your whole room with music. Or maybe podcasts? Have great enjoyment in an immersive, perfect sound experience! Regardless of where you’re resting.

sorround sound

Blue light reduction reduces blue laser source light. Given that, reduces eye pressure even after numerous hours of watching. This is most important for kids and the senior. This method reduces the influence on your body rhythm. So watching a movie or show on the U2 won’t disrupt your circadian rhythm.

Smart temperature control system.

It will automatically activate some of the five low-decibel built-in cooling fans. Meaning, even after running for hours, the U2 remains silent.

5 cooling fans

With fans that remain under 28 decibels, you are free from undesirable noise.

JMGO U2 features Luna OS with an integrated clever Android system.

The user-friendly JMGO APP entirely replaces typical remotes controls. Forget about endless remote controller search! And also with the Application, you can easily toggle in between input channels. At the press of a button, you can switch from one console to another.


Need to cast from your laptop computer or mobile phone? No worry. The U2 features Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless screen projection. Sustaining iOS, Mac OS, Airplay it covers it all. Play a file from your phone to your 100″ screen. Just push the button – it’s that simple.

The best part of all? The U2 is remarkably long-lasting.

Laser diode life-span is approx. 50,000-hour! Well, that’s greatly longer than CRT or lamp projectors. No need to replace a light bulb ever again!  Rather, invest your time in enjoying the device, instead of repairing it!

lifespan of diode

The smooth and even surface area ensures you’ll always appreciate flawless photo top quality. 8-layered framework use several specifically adjusted reflective materials to reflect ambient light away from the user. That way, increasing gain by 50%! Better yet, you can use the screen as a praise to your room’s ambient. Use the screen as a crisp clear photo frame, for pictures, photos…


JMGO was established in 2011 and we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary this year. Over the years, we’ve had many exciting R&D breakthroughs on screen size, resolution, and industrial design.”

JMGO Tream


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