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Ultra Cool TEC Wearable Air Conditioner For 2021 Hot Summer

Ultra Cool TEC Wearable Air Conditioner For 2021 Hot Summer

THEKU Neck Cooler | Personal Cooling Device And Hot Flash Reliever | Stay Cool, Calm, Productive, And Comfortable Anytime & Anywhere

Summertime is great for outdoor activities and enjoying the sun but being overheated and feeling muggy and sweaty is no fun. Extreme heat conditions can tire you out and can even be dangerous to your health. According to the University of Michigan, conditions such as heatstroke can result in “Very high body temperatures may damage the brain or other vital organs.”

Even indoors, people have different temperature sensitivities and what may be a comfortable room temp for one person may be much too hot for another.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own personal air-conditioner that you could carry with you anywhere? How enjoyable would it be to remain cool, calm, and comfortable at your preferred temperature anytime & anywhere?

Forget about mini-fan coolers that only deliver a tiny breeze or putting up with a large and noisy desk fan that just blows hot air around.

Now you can with THEKU Neck-Cooler – World’s smallest and lightest Thermoelectric personal cooling device. A go-anywhere personal AC that you wear comfortably on your neck to provide instant cooling to achieve your perfect body temperature for productivity, performance, and comfort.

THEKU takes personal cooling to a whole new level of technology. Its innovative proprietary low-wattage TEC (Thermoelectric) cooling technique effectively maintains the perfect body temperature for you. By providing cooling at the neck, THEKU helps to cool down the entire body. Beat the summer heat by lowering temperature 5-13℃ (41°-55°F) to feel better, perform better, and get more work done. 

Remember the feeling of downing a cold drink after a summer day workout? If so, you get the taste of THEKU’s magic.

No more sweat stains or unpleasant odors. THEKU changes your comfort level, not just your body temperature. Eliminate mugginess and hot flashes in seconds with THEKU’s Thermal Relief tech and control your body’s temperature and all-day freshness wherever you are. 

THEKU is your gateway to calmness. By balancing your temperature, THEKU gives you a better mood, a sharper mind, and a peaceful heart. It helps you concentrate and improves overall wellness.

It’s never too early to get prepared. The hot 2021 summer will be here before you know it. This year, get out there and enjoy your life with THEKU. Its unibody waterproof design is light, comfortable and IPX7 certified for water and sweat resistance. THEKU is your best companion for outdoor sports like jogging, golfing, fishing, climbing, cycling, motorcycling, and hiking. 

Once your temperature cools to your preference, you will instantly feel much better, physically, and mentally.

  • Comes In Handy For Every Occasion 

Hands-free and noiseless, THEKU works in all conditions to bring you coolness for better performance during any workout and helps keep you productive during office work, daily commute, working around the house, or while driving. 

THEKU is the result of years of research and development. Our team’s only goal is to offer you the world’s smallest and lightest TEC wearable air conditioner.

Made of a titanium memory alloy, THEKU weighs only 80g and is shaped ergonomically to comfortably fit and adapt to all body sizes. 

  • What Is Super TEC Cooling Technology?

Unlike a fan that simply blows air that only cools down the skin’s surface, THEKU provides instant thermal relief for your whole body. It is equipped with a proprietary mini-type thermoelectric cooling system with the lowest 0.9w power dissipation to provide more than 2hrs of battery life per charge.  

  • THEKU Cooling Capabilities DEMO 

In their demonstration, THEKU was placed in a room with a temperature of 24.7° Celsius (76° Fahrenheit). After activation, the temp of THEKU quickly dropped to a comfortable 11° Celsius (51° Fahrenheit). (The TEC components on both sides will be covered with premium aluminum covers in the production unit for even temperature distribution. In this video, the aluminum cover had been removed for demonstration purposes.)

  • So How Does THEKU Work?

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “The areas that are most effective in cooling core temperature are the groin, axillae, neck, and torso.” THEKU’s magic works by placing a cooling chip on the neck that cools down the large blood vessels. This cooler blood travels throughout the circulation system to help cool the entire body. 

  • Safety Is Their No.1 Priority

To provide their users with the best and safest experience, THEKU is designed with an accurate temperature control system. The smart chip & algorithm captures the outside temperature and locks down the cooling capability to reduce the temperature by 5-13℃ (41°-55°F) relative to the outside air. It provides soothing comfort no matter what the weather conditions are. 

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