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Ultra Guard CAPSULE | For the smaller things in life

EDC device with self-sanitizing features for sterilizing personal items AirPods, iPhones, makeup kit, toothbrush, and much more.

Ultra Guard CAPSULE is an EDC device with self-sanitizing features for sterilizing personal items, like AirPods, iPhones, makeup kits, toothbrushes… Works toward Reducing Spread of COVID-19.

It is common that your AirPods are highly contaminated. So are your toothbrushes and razor blades. Researchers have found that flu viruses, colon bacillus, staph bacteria, salmonella, E. coli, strep virus are hanging on them.  Therefore, it’s crucial to clean and disinfect our daily used items by sterilizing them regularly.

Ultra guard capsule

Maid Wright is proud to announce the creation and launch of Ultra Guard CAPSULE.

The CAPSULE is the world’s first all-in-one UV sterilizer self-sanitizing multi-tool.  Designed to stand between you and everyday germs. CAPSULE is a powerful UV shield offering comprehensive protection and a solution to deep clean your everyday used items. CAPSULE IS currently running a Kickstarter campaign and available at an early bird price for the backers.

Ultra guard capsule

The CAPSULE is a ONE button functions cleaning device, the inner sanitizing “Light Chamber” has space for your everyday items.

Sanitize AirPods, Toothbrush, Razorblades, Earring, Utensils, Pacifier, Tweezer, Thermometer.  Fast, effective, compact, smart, and portable. The CAPSULE purifies 99.9% of germs in 10 seconds. Insert your AirPods, Toothbrush, Razorblade, Earring, Utensils into the “Light Chamber” for fast sterilization.

10 seconds of direct UV-C light by a single click on the power button will begin breaking down the DNA of harmful germs. The electromagnetic spectrum destroys hazardous microorganism’s ability to multiply and spread danger without harming your personal items.

Ultra guard capsule

Proprietary “Light Chamber” The UV-C LED in the Light Chamber is precision-tuned. It damages molecules to the peak biocidal wavelength of 260-280 nm like nucleic acids and proteins. This makes the germ incapable of performing the processes that it needs to survive. 

Once fully charged CAPSULE is capable of 180 uses. Traditional methods of keeping your personal belongings clean can be inconvenient, wasteful, and harmful to the environment.

Ultra guard capsule

Ultra Guard CAPSULE provides an effective, safe, and chemical-free method of cleaning anywhere, anytime.

CAPSULE is the UV-C sanitizing device certified by the SGS and CE, one of the most authoritative independent labs in the world.

Designed to be handy, Ultra-Guard CAPSULE can be used as a UV wand too. Above all, you can sterilize larger areas just by waving the UV light over them (like door handles, keyboards, smartphones, face masks, steering wheel, toilet seat).  Long press the activation button to activate the “UV Wand Mode” – a full 5 minutes time setting. Click once more to stop your cleaning session at any time.

Ultra guard capsule

The CAPSULE is a Touch-Free hygiene tool with a unique ergonomics design. It maximizes your comfort while helping you avoid harmful viruses and bacteria.

For example, on public surfaces such as ATMs, keypads, elevator buttons, vending machines, you’ll never need to worry about your multi-tool becoming contaminated because of the self-sterilizing feature. This gives users peace of mind and is difficult to find anywhere else because this technology is the first of its kind.

Ultra-Guard comes at an important time when contagions affect people in public simply living their everyday lives. Contaminants are spread onto the objects we touch by coughing, sneezing. We’re now facing a reopening world everywhere, and people are eager to get back to their normal lives. Most important is to get airports and trains filled with travelers again. We should keep ourselves and our loved ones protected, by wearing a mask, washing our hands. Even the vaccine might just not be enough when we’re dealing with a tricky virus that keeps on mutating everywhere.

Ultra guard capsule

This can be scary, but with CAPSULE’s touch-and-cleaning technology in each and every purse, pocket, car, home, or office, the chances of spreading illness are greatly reduced. Stay healthy and avoid danger. This is certainly possible with high-quality Ultra Guard.

Ultra-Guard is exploring opportunities to grow.  The company is looking for additional start-up capital. In other words, Ultra-Guard can get into every purse and pocket worldwide as quickly as possible. Ultra-Guard represents an incredible opportunity for companies of all sizes to join in. This is more than just a boost in technology. It is the beginning of a new future. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Ultra guard capsule

About Maid Wright:

The company behind the premium Ultra-Guard solution is Maid Wright. Eddie Lou and Susie Wen invented the CAPSULE. Wen, the creative and innovative masterminds behind popular household appliances such as Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer, Montel Williams Health Master Elite, and Power Cooker, have helped design, develop, and manufacture machines and appliances in tens of millions of units to consumers across the globe.

Seeing a market need created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Wen and Lou sought to create a first-of-its-kind solution to the spread of germs and viruses.

Maid Wright is constantly exploring opportunities for progress and innovation, and the Ultra-Guard is just another example of their exceptional work.

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