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Ultra Shirt | Technical All-Day-Shirt with 12+ Features

Ultra Shirt

Thermal Regulation & Motion Adaptive All-Day-Shirt = Magnetic Cuff + Ultrasonic Sewing Tech + Laser Cut + Coffee Grounds and More

With a balance of innovative production technology, high-performance lasting material, as well as user-centric layouts, Ultra Shirt is your new all-day tee shirt for any type of occasion.

Ultra Shirt

Their goal is to transform the game by designing a smooth-looking and comfy yet functional shirt that is very easy to take care of for day-to-day use.

Ultra Shirt
  • Patented Material: S.Café ICE-CAFÉ is made from ice-cool thread, Xylitol cooling tech, and recycled coffee premises, to give thermal policy, cooling impact, and sustainability. The cooling effect is activating with body dampness. It absorbs body heat and dissipates it rapidly as well as cools the skin by 1.8 – 5.4 ° F (1-3 ° C).
  • Perfect Breathability: Ultra Shirt outshines conventional t-shirts with excellent breathability to wick away moisture and dry quickly.
  • Ideal Stretch: Ultra Shirt is engineered and weaved with a mechanical 4-way-stretch method. Permitting you to run, dance, and even PARKOUR effortlessly.
  • Smell Control: Recycled coffee premises material, S. Café ® takes away odors the body generates throughout the day.
  • Wetness Wicking: The fabric is perfect to remove dampness and it dries rapidly. Ultra Shirt can carry away your sweat as well as keep you nice and dry with its wetness-wicking residential or commercial property.
  • Magnetic Cuffs: Specially created for Ultra Shirt, the magnetic cuffs allow you to put on the shirt quickly.
  • Ultra Seamless: Constructed with ultrasonic stitchless sewing technology, Ultra Shirt is smooth and seamless. Supplying you with the extreme comfort you never experienced before.
  • Laser-cut Technology: Laser-cut technology is made use of to remove the little holes for airflow under the underarm location for ideal breathability. It’s precise, perfect, and tiny.
  • Lasting colors: Ultra Shirt maintains resilient colors, no need to worry that the white shirt will turn yellow with time.
  • Wrinkle-free: Quit stressing over the ironing. The material is constructed to expand and unwind its tension with temperature. And it’s 100% machine washable.
  • UV protection: The textile is weaved to safeguard you from the sunlight by reflecting the ray with its micro holes. It’s additionally examined at grade A UPF 50+ UV defense level.

Ultra Shirt has 2 color options – black and white.

Ultra Shirt

* Don’t worry about the design, size, and colors now. They will follow up with a survey to verify the details after you promise.

* Ultra Shirt is designed and made in Taiwan.

* Shipping is $15 worldwide for one shirt, they are delivering from Taiwan.

Ultra Shirt

Inspired by the rainy London town, TRANZEND was founded in London in 2016 to produce functional wear with a timeless sartorial visual.

They released their very first item the Ultra Suit on Kickstarter in 2017. It was 700% funded with their encouraging backers. Ultra Suit has continued its trip on Indiegogo and Makuake (Japan). Continuing with offline retail in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Since then, the group was searching the globe for the best area for R&D. Lastly they chose Taiwan with deep integration and support from their partnered firm. Later on, they are releasing two crowdfunding projects in Taiwan which are the Ultra Suit 2.0 and Ultra Coat. Moreover, they collectively got $12M+NT from regional supporters.

They’ve discovered and gotten experiences with the past jobs, specifically throughout the pandemic. It was hard to manage production when factories are shut unexpectedly along with crazy sales drops. In other words, it did not stop them from constantly finding solutions with garments to adjust to individuals’ modern-day way of living.

Ultra Shirt

With extreme trial and error, they have come up with their brand-new product, the Ultra Tee shirt. Thinking it’s a wonderful piece of clothing that they would like to share with you and bring it back to Kickstarter.

Lastly, they have become a team of 5 and remained to deal with their goals to morally and sustainably develop comfort and benefit through their designs.

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