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Unagi Model eleven | Smartest Scooter on Earth

Unagi model eleven

Well Hello, Hello!

Andrea here, and today is on the menu something practical, yet sooooo eye-cathing! Living in a big city means more opportunities, but also more traffic jams. I had to learn it the hard way.

Unagi models

Either driving in a bus, taxi or train, you would always be stuck somewhere. It’s inevitable! Look what I got for you today – Unagi Model eleven! With this good-looking transporter, you slide between obstacles, and feel like a winner of the day!

Back light Unagi

With his attempting colors, he also changes his style completely!

Unagi Green
Unagi beige
Unagi Black
Unagi yellow

Unagi Model Eleven could be called “tour de force”

Unagi Model eleven, yellow, black, design

It’s a technological wonder, providing many features that you could only imagine! But most of all, it’s a scooter that raises the bar. Either for mobility, power, or comfort. They really felt the trade-offs outweighed the benefits with other scooters. Too heavy, lacking mph, a disconcerting ride…They removed them all.

Unagi technical Specfication

After incorporating stereo for turn-by-turn directions, warnings about cars crash, and prevention of theft -they wondered why you be able to listen to your songs over Bluetooth. Model Eleven is where acoustic bliss meets riders one. Nowadays, if the product doesn’t include a music/sound option, people don’t even look at it! Don’t you agree?

Unagi app

Other scooters have air or foam-filled tires

True, it gives some padding, yet if they pop, you’re plumb out of luck! No bike shop or manufacturer will deal with the tires. By that your scooter becomes useless. Unagi Model Eleven on the other hand was designed with the world’s first hot-swappable, foam-filled tires (patent pending). This implies our tires offer all the benefits of foam. That includes comfort and makes it resistant to puncture. Also, they detach like cartridges, making so replacement is simple and easy.

Unagi model eleven, foam filled tire,

Unagi Model Eleven is one of a kind. In what?

Hear this: the first two-wheel device that uses space-age material made in Switzerland. This material is a long carbon composite. This allows them to use carbon fiber in more complex molds and shapes, which traditional carbon fiber is incapable of. Its use in the entire frame, from the handlebar to our forks-makes Eleven light enough to carry around. Where their scooter can be found at an ultralight 32lbs, other scooters weigh over 45lbs!

Unagi, carbon fiber

Select your location and put the phone in your pocket.

The Unagi application after that communicates with the handlebar’s high-output audio system and also displays on the screen. It gives you spoken turn-by-turn instructions, so as directional signals on the display. So, you will get lost only if you really want to!

locating, GPS tracking

Here comes the second line of defense. Your scooter has its own GPS tracking, as well as remote turn-off function. If your scooter gets into the wrong hands, track its location with the Unagi mobile app. It’s so simple to locate it, and you will surely find it in no time.

Unagi is very tuned, elastomer-based suspension system.

Unagi suspension system

You can effortlessly pass over the harsh terrain of your city jungle. Bumpy rides from cobble-stones, broken roads, and pits are becoming far-off memory. Assume “highly responsive agility” combined with a “smooth like butter” road interface. It’s the best combination. Comfortable, agile riding equates to much longer and much safer riding.

 what's included in the box

Have you ridden an electric vehicle and stressed that your trip would come to an abrupt end because you’ve lacked juice? Probably the worst feeling ever is range anxiety. They come to a solution to that problem.

Yellow model Unagi

Currently, you can buy extra batteries, throw them in your backpack, and begin with your journey, with no worries. Ride as long as you want!

Unagi model eleven, team, designers

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