UNLEASHED '22: Timelapse, LongExposure, Geotagging
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UNLEASHED 22 | Timelapse, LongExposure, Geotagging

The tiny Unleashed Bluetooth module + our app help you take epic photos and timelapses effortlessly

The Unleashed is the swiss army knife of camera accessories. It’s tiny but packed with features. So much more than just a camera remote. It unleashes the full potential of your camera with expert-level timelapse features, long exposure capabilities, geotagging, and more. In a tiny Bluetooth module and an intuitive app that simply works.

UNLEASHED 22 Timelapse, LongExposure, Geotagging

Turn on your camera and the Unleashed 22 will instantly reconnect to your smartphone.

Control any of the numerous features from the Unleashed app. Once you’ve started a shot, the Unleashed will take care of the rest, so you can just sit back and enjoy the beautiful results. It’s that simple!

They designed the Unleashed to be incredibly smart in the tiniest package. With its low-profile design, it’s never in your way and you can leave it on your camera at all times. Even when packing it in your bag. Thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy, initial pairing takes less than 10 seconds. Reconnection is almost instant when you turn on the camera or open the app. It only uses a minimal amount of power from your camera battery. So you don’t need to charge it, and it’s always ready when you need it!

UNLEASHED 22 Timelapse, LongExposure, Geotagging

Their amazing app is just the user interface for the Unleashed, whereas the brains are in the tiny device itself. This means it will keep controlling the camera to finish your shot. Even if you close the app, you walk out of range or your phone battery dies.

UNLEASHED 22 Timelapse, LongExposure, Geotagging
  • Incredibly tiny & flat on the side of your camera – can stay attached all the time
  • Bluetooth Low Energy – pairs in seconds, reconnects the instant you open the app
  • Powered by the camera battery – no charging, always ready to use
  • Smart hardware with an app as a user interface – the Unleashed keeps going, even when disconnected from the app.

The Unleashed gives you full control over your camera from the palm of your hand and adds a ton of features to your camera. Easy to use from their app.

UNLEASHED 22 Timelapse, LongExposure, Geotagging app

An entire toolset in the tiniest device

The Unleashed enables you to easily take pro-level selfies, breathtaking astrophotos, creative light-paintings, and epic “holy grail” time-lapses.

Thousands of customers already love the Unleashed ‘18, achieving beautiful results that continue to blow everyone away. This gave them a solid foundation to build on, and they took all your feedback and wishes to heart.

UNLEASHED 22 Timelapse, LongExposure, Geotagging

Because it can always stay on your camera and is never out of battery, the Unleashed is the perfect remote control. Be it for the simple triggering of tripod shots, family photos, or selfies. Or use it to remotely start & stop video recording. When your camera is mounted on a gimbal or you want to start multiple cameras at once. The Unleashed app can handle up to 6 cameras with ease.

But it’s so much more than just a remote. With Unleashed, you can change all the important settings of your camera. Without having to touch your camera or dig through daunting menus.

We’ve all come to love geotagged photos on our smartphones, where you can easily find photos on a map in the “places” album, as well as check the exact location of individual shots. The Unleashed enables direct in-camera geotagging for your mirrorless camera or DSLR, using either your smartphone’s location or a dedicated Bluetooth GPS receiver.

Astrophotography, light painting and more

Their long exposure feature helps you take perfectly timed exposures up to 4.5 hours. When the camera is set to bulb mode, the Unleashed will hold the trigger down for you for the exact time you want it to. Or you can press once to start and press again to stop a long exposure of any length.

UNLEASHED 22 Timelapse, LongExposure, Geotagging

They decided on continuing the scale of 1/3rd stop steps from the camera instead of you having to set hours, minutes, and seconds separately. While it’s unconventional, this makes it much easier to work with the other exposure settings in the camera: Take test shots with high ISO to nail exposure, then decrease ISO and easily increase exposure time by an equal number of stops to keep the same exposure level.

ND filter photography

They also added a setting that will adjust the shutter speed for you by the right number of stops when adding or removing ND filters, making ND filter calculators obsolete!

Timelapses made easy

The Unleashed makes setting up any timelapse a breeze, whether simple or requiring expert features. And they implemented lots of them!

Just use their default settings and hit the start or choose your interval and shooting time – it’s that easy! They’ll show you the number of photos it’ll take, as well as the resulting clip length at your chosen frame rate. You can also decide to choose the number of photos to take, and they’ll calculate the shooting time for you instead.

UNLEASHED 22 Timelapse, LongExposure, Geotagging

Real exposure ramping

The Unleashed brings “holy grail” time-lapses within reach for everyone. During these day-to-night transition time-lapse, the Unleashed will adjust exposure settings automatically, using one of several algorithms to choose from. They’re not limited to bulb-ramping but can actually ramp the camera’s shutter speed, aperture, and ISO for daylight to milky way transitions.

Minimized dark-time

All normal intervalometers have unnecessarily long autofocusing and hold times. The former is how long the shutter button is half-pressed before the interval, the latter how long it is fully pressed and held on each interval. These times need to be long enough to ensure a photo is taken, with or without AF. So, to be on the safe side, intervalometers usually half-press, then press and hold for way too long. This results in unwanted “dark-time” between shots where nothing useful happens, but you also can’t view the photos.

Some more advanced intervalometers allow you to change the hold time. But this puts the burden on you to find the shortest possible but longest necessary time that will consistently work with your camera. The Unleashed knows whether the camera is set to autofocus. And on most cameras, it gets the info exactly when the shutter opens. So, it will only half-press when necessary and can stop holding the shutter button the instant the camera started the shot, leading to the absolute minimal dark-time for every camera, with no configuration necessary.

Flexible intervals

So, you don’t miss any shots when exposure times get longer, the Unleashed can optionally start increasing the interval. This is perfect for day-to-night time lapses as it enables you to have a nice short interval during the day, but still allows ramping down to 30s exposures for starry nights.

Month-long durations

You can now set intervals of up to 24h and shooting times up to 365 days!

UNLEASHED 22 Timelapse, LongExposure, Geotagging app

External intervalometer support

Their auto ramping will optionally work with external intervalometers, even sliders, and other motion controllers.

Sync time-lapses with the movement of motion controllers

Because the Unleashed knows exactly when a shot ends, it can tell motion controllers to move with perfect timing, in order to maximize the time until the next shot and therefore minimize vibrations. This will work wirelessly with selected manufacturers. They have already implemented support for the Black Forest Motion PINE controllers and Syrp devices, with more to follow. With most cameras, it will also work with a wired shutter cable from any other motion controller and the Unleashed set to an external intervalometer.

UNLEASHED 22 Timelapse, LongExposure, Geotagging

Foolproof and fail-safe

All basic and advanced features are implemented in the Unleashed firmware, and the app just provides the user interface to configure them. Once started, the Unleashed keeps controlling the camera with precision and without missing a beat, even if you lose Bluetooth connectivity. Precise timing, complex “holy grail” calculations, and camera adjustments are handled by the Unleashed itself, not the app! Even the Bluetooth connection to a motion controller is direct and independent from the smartphone. Of course, you can open the app and reconnect at any time to see the current progress or make manual adjustments.

UNLEASHED 22 Timelapse, LongExposure, Geotagging compatibility

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