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Urtopia | Carbon Electric Bike


Sporty, intelligent, as well as futuristic!

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Urtopia’s core spirit doesn’t stop at just a high sense of aesthetic appeal.  Additionally, it integrates cutting-edge modern technologies. Unlike others that are hefty and old-fashioned, Urtopia makes every effort to redefine what e-bikes can be.

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Along with premium-quality materials as well as progressed technology, Urtopia is integrated with highly-practical functions. For which you would need to pay hundreds of dollars extra if you buy other e-bikes.


With only 30 pounds (13 kg), Urtopia is easily brought around. Unlike many e-bikes on the market, it is fully made from carbon fiber.

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But unlike other full-carbon e-bikes which price can be over USD 4500, Urtopia is priced at a jaw-dropping USD 1999! Combined with cutting-edge performance and also smart functions, Urtopia is redefining what we call an e-bike.

Technology transforms the way individuals interact with the world.


That way keeping us more in touch. Urtopia’s focus on connection as well as interaction has caused financial investment in modern technology. All that technology marvels we like to call Smartbar. Biking rather than car transport reduces carbon footprint.

smart bar

Urtopia’s smart app consistently records all that effort. Now with the help of electric power, you can ride much longer. In addition, you are a participant in our environmental protection.

At Urtopia, they placed top qualities first.

Make sure that problems come last! Urtopia’s R&D group has put in a lot of extra hours to perfect the e-bike riding experience. Customized motor, as well as clutch system, are essential. But their engineers have also selected belt drivetrain and torque sensor. Additionally, that boosts the power transmission

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The App

The Urtopia application consists of lots of smart features. Such as anti-theft tracking, navigation, trip records, social networking, etc. In conclusion, they make your journey with Urtopia constantly enjoyable. But also – motivating!

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Gyroscope & GPS

Urtopia’s highly-sensitive gyroscope constantly monitors its activity. When in standby mode, notify its owner of any type of undesirable movement. You will get that from the alarm system or a message to the app.


Now turning your bike back on is as basic as one click on a button. It’s similar to unlocking your phone.

unlock with press

In addition to gyroscope surveillance, Urtopia uses of real-time GPS tracking. That way you are covered of possible theft. No matter where you are, you always have insight into where your bike is.

LED light

Urtopia’s front light has a bright white LED. It is certified with the German StVZO, that is, it’s leveled off so as not to intrude with oncoming traffic.

front light urtopia

Advanced Rear Early Indication System (AREIS). AREIS stands at the backside of the seat post.

position light

Urtopia is ultra-light, has a tailored motor and clutch system. Also, torque sensor application, as well as a high-grade LG battery. So, you can ride it for as much as 80 miles (130 kilometers) per full charge.

Well balanced to provide maximum

They attempt to attract mostly active urban dwellers. So, a lightweight setup is vital to most of our customers! A 250W electric motor might seem undersized to hardcore hefty bikers. While some motors might offer a lot more power, the size and weight of them and the accompanying batteries increase exponentially.


For a 13 kg e-bike, it is impossible to compete. Furthermore, in a lot of developed countries, there is a speed restriction on e-bikes. Meaning, making any type of additional rate or power is illegal or unsafe.

As opposed to relying upon the brawn, they utilize their brains!

Making Urtopia an enjoyable trip buddy. Their customized motor with the features mentioned above. This offers our clients one of the most effective riding experiences. Also, budget-friendly!

Other functionalities,  such as AI voice recognition and assist-adaptation are in the pipeline at Urtopia’s R&D laboratory. With OTA updates, they will soon reach each bike. That way immediately integrates it in.

Testing for quality

Over the past half-year, Urtopia e-bike has actually passed a few of the toughest top-quality examinations. The carbon fiber structure underwent examinations under the BS EN 14766 standard. This defines safety and performance needs. Additionally, Urtopia e-bike fulfills the conformity requirements of UL, CE, FCC, REACH, RoHS, and also CPSC.

The Team

Urtopia aims to support a sporty as well as healthy and balanced urban way of living. Supported with clever technologies. They are a young vibrant team headed by science and also engineering. Experts such as PhDs graduated from Ivy Organization and also MIT. Bound by love for sporting activities as well as cycling. They intend to develop an e-bike that’s technically progressed while budget-friendly.

Their interest and also background have attracted several skills to sign up with the force. Chief Designer, Mathis Heller, has actually won many product-design awards. His most well-known collaboration is with the BMW I collection and Siemens ICE 3 high-speed train.

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