UVMask Complete Protection for the New Normal
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UVMask | Complete Protection for the New Normal

Next-generation reusable air purification & antipollution non-medical personal wearable air-purifier

Next-generation reusable air purification & antipollution face protection that offers 8-hours of complete daily protection with almost 20k backers, still available for pre-order on InDemand!

UVMask Complete Protection for the New Normal

Cutting-Edge Safety Design & Tech

UVMask has been designed to filter and eliminates even the smallest threats, provide a comfortable and cool-wearing experience, not get in the way of conversation and effectively circulate the air you breathe away from your face.

Change the filters weekly if you wear them consistently over the course of a week and daily if you are using them for multiple hours every day.

UVMask Complete Protection for the New Normal

Breakthrough UV Tech

Go beyond filtration with 2-step purification. While typical masks only provide passive protection, UVMask is the world’s first face protection to provide total active UV-C protection.

As you breathe, the air is sent through the vortex under two state-of-the-art 275nm pure UV-C LEDs. They each emit 25,000μW/cm² and are connected by a high pass-through PMMA chamber wall, making the total UV-C intensity 50,000μW/cm² throughout.

UVMask Complete Protection for the New Normal

Lab Tested 100% Safe & Ozone-Free

UVMask’s UV-C LEDs produce a very narrow spectrum of UV-C light, unlike the sunlight that reaches the Earth. They also used a nano-coating optical filter to filter out any potential ozone generating wavelengths.

All the UV-C light is sealed within the Sterile-Vortex, which means there is no UV-C leakage during the filtration process, and it will never reach your skin.

Although some types of UV light are capable of generating ozone (O3), a gas that naturally exists in the upper atmosphere, only UV wavelengths of 185 nm or shorter can generate ozone (source).

UVMask uses 275nm wavelength UV-C LEDs, which reliably generate a very pure and narrow range of UV-C that does not go shorter than 255nm.

UVMask Complete Protection for the New Normal

UV-C at this narrow pure range has been empirically tested to be incapable of generating ozone. Each UVMask is factory-tested for its UV-C wavelength purity to ensure its high safety standard.

Leak-Proof and Lab-Certified

UVMask uses a first-of-its-kind consumer-grade UV-C light. This form of LED tech has never seen practical implementation in face mask purification. The light intensities and time required have been too impractical to purify effectively at the speed we breathe.

Complete Protection for Construction and Other General Non-Medical Purposes

UVMask has been independently tested and certified by the ISO 17025 accredited SGS Lab. The CE-FFP2 (EU Standards N95 equivalent) passive air filter has been tested according to the EN 149-2001+A1-2009 standards. UVMask has been tested by SGS to be completely safe according to UL1598 CRD (dated 2020-6-29), meaning the fully-light sealed design guarantees UV light will not leak out from the Sterile-Vortex.

UVMask Complete Protection for the New Normal

Airtight Fit

Regular disposable masks attempt to protect you by filtering air through layers of fabrics. But due to their material and poor fit — the gaps around your nose, chin, and cheeks — much of the air you breathe is not filtered.

UVMask forms an airtight seal around your mouth and nose thanks to its skin-friendly silicone inner mask.

The air is then mechanically ventilated into the mask using a fan that makes sure the air pressure inside is always positive — so even if the mask moves as you speak, the air is always pushed out and never leaks in.

UVMask Complete Protection for the New Normal

Complete Protection

All air is passed through 2 high-efficiency layers of protection:

The first is a passive Air Filter. The advanced filtration system blocks 0.1-0.3 microns particles, including dust, smoke, pollen, smoke, pollutants, and particles up to 100x smaller than a grain of flour! The second layer is the patent-pending Sterile Vortex, the only UV purifying device that can purify the air in real-time as you breathe.

Powerful UVC

UVMask’s 2x UV-C LEDs provide a total of 50,000µW (50mW), intensity 100x times higher than similar products on the market. Built into the Sterile Vortex, the UV-C light shines from a distance 10x closer than in other typical uses.

UVMask Complete Protection for the New Normal

Breathe Naturally with Positive Airflow

Typical masks are hard to breathe through — pushing air through the dense fabric is not easy. And the moisture and heat that builds up inside can soon become unbearable! That’s why UVMask comes with a built-in mechanical fan that forces clean fresh air into the mask with every breath. Together with the side vents, the constant air circulation doesn’t allow heat build-up even in the hottest tropical climates.

UVMask Complete Protection for the New Normal

Full-Day Battery [Extendable up to Unlimited Hours]

Two high-safety standard Li-Polymer (103450) 1,800 mAh Li-Po batteries allow for up to 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge. UVMask’s hard shell is designed so that a possible drop or the mask being left in the car during a hot day, or using a wrong charger will not swell the battery or compromise the UV-C housing.

As it can be used while charging, it will keep you safe even on the longest days. Extend the battery life on the go with any power bank and the included cable for those 14-16-hour shifts. And conveniently keep wearing it at your desk while it charges, plugged in via USB to your PC or outlet.

UVMask Complete Protection for the New Normal

With its fast-charging enabled USB-C port, you’ll be ready to go again in under 90 minutes. Even if you run out of charge, the FFP2/N95 passive air filter will still protect you from pollution, dust, pollen, and other particles larger than 0.3 microns.

UVMask Complete Protection for the New Normal

Talk and Sound Like You Do

The pandemic has made us all realize how much we typically read people’s lips, muffling the sounds of our voices, and ruining the conversation.

UVMask breaks that stereotype. You still can’t see people’s lips move, but the uniquely designed internal parts with double air intakes and optimized sound engineering allow for clear sound while speaking.

Its ergonomic shape ensures the mask will stay in place as your chin moves while you talk, and it won’t obstruct your vision. The smaller mask is adapted for children’s faces as well, and they’ll be able to see clearly too.

All-Day Comfort

Whether you are a teacher, construction worker, or someone who wears a mask for multiple hours every day, the included O-Shape Over-Head Silicone Straps provide comfortable wearing even during long 14-16-hour days.

UVMask Complete Protection for the New Normal

Instead of tugging on your ears, or digging into your scalp, UVMask’s O-Shape straps spread the weight thanks to their wide skin-soft silicone surface. And with an upper and lower strap, the mask is kept balanced regardless of your activity.

IP54 Water Resistant and Workout-Proof

UVMask’s hardcover front shell is resistant to drops and scratches, protecting the filter, Sterile-Vortex, and UV-C LEDs within.

With its hardcover and tightly sealed design, you can safely use your UVMask in the rain. Certified to IP54, your UVMask’s filter and interior components are protected from environmental water and moisture, as well as dust and particulates.

UVMask Complete Protection for the New Normal

This also makes UVMask the ideal workout mask, while running outdoors or working out in the gym. UVMask’s ventilation wicks moisture from inside the mask, and its water-resistance prevents moisture and sweat from getting to the filter and UV-C light.

Forget Foggy Glasses

Their unique sideway air-intakes also stop your glasses from fogging up, unlike traditional cloth and surgical air filter masks.

UVMask Complete Protection for the New Normal

Two-Sizes Fit All (Nose and Chin)

The 2 shapes and the ultra-soft skin-like silicone face profile adapt to even the smallest and largest noses, chins, and face shapes. It is ergonomically designed for comfort and an airtight fit.

While the front shell of the mask is the same for all sizes, UVMask’s internal silicone padding comes in two different sizes — Type X and Type S.

UVMask (Type S) is suitable for ages 6 and up.

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