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Vacable Auto Vacuum Canister | Keeps Food Fresher for Longer


At the push of a button, it pumps out the air in seconds, constantly monitors & preserves the airtight condition for all types of foods

Vacable is the perfect solution to keep coffee and dry food fresher, longer.  With the automatic vacuum system, Vacable is able to vacuum the air out and preserve the freshness and nutrition of your coffee and food.  And the coolest part is that Vacable vacuums the canister automatically when it monitors lower pressure.


It also offers large capacity, moisture proofing to reduce mildew, it’s made from food-grade material. Additionally, it comes with a date tracker so you can know how fresh your food is.

And last, but not least, it is easy to clean. Just wipe the surface with a damp cloth after using.

Say goodbye to your stale coffee and always have the freshest coffee and food.


The apple exposed in the air decomposes much faster than the one stored in the Vacable vacuum condition.

Food will oxidize faster when it encounters oxygen, but in a vacuum environment air is prevented from contact with food. Consequently, it stops the process of oxidation.

Now your food will stay fresh for much longer because it’s not exposed to Oxygen!  Their vacuum-tight environment keeps the air out. It helps maintain the freshness of your coffee beans or whatever food you decide to put in the Vacable.


Now you can enjoy coffee as freshly roasted every day with Vacable.

There’s also a one-way valve that releases carbon dioxide to extend the life and freshness of your coffee beans and food as well.

It’s airtight and perfect for keeping mold away for much longer!

A simple push of the button and air is extracted in three seconds.

The lid won’t open when it’s vacuum pressured because of our unique science and technology.


Vacable lids have a unique push-button vacuum seal system that allows the coffee beans to vent CO2 and still keep the oxygen out. That’s that sound you hear whenever you open the lid. The secret lies in the lid!  It’s easy to use and put on! Just twist it on – and once sealed, simply click the left button to automatically extract all the air! And when you want to take it off, simply push the right button, and the container will be deflated and ready to open within seconds.

Automatically adjust the vacuuming time according to the volume of food in the canister.


Big Enough to Store 1kg Vittoria Coffee Beans.

Made Of Food Grade Premium Stainless Steel

The Vacable is made from high-quality stainless steel so it’s completely safe for food storage. It won’t leach any chemicals into your coffee beans or coffee grounds. The canister can be hand washed with warm water and soap, but the lid is not suitable for a dishwasher since it has an integrated pump. The lid should be carefully wiped with damp clothes.


Vacable will help your coffee beans retain their depth of flavor and aroma by releasing CO2.

Its lid will keep humidity at bay and make sure the air is locked out, so your coffee beans stay dry and fresh!

You can store any dry food, ingredients (tea, coffee, sugar, flour, dry foods, beans, rice, cookies, coffee, you name it…)

Last but not least, you can also store your lovely pet food and keep it fresh for your pet.


Track freshness to ensure you always have the freshest coffee for you and your guests. On top of the steel clasp, the seal lid is a calendar wheel. Setting the purchase or expiry date reduces waste and puts a stop to throwing precious coffee in the trash. One of the best features of Vacable that you won’t find on other airtight containers is the Date Tracker.

This feature is actually way more helpful and cost-saving than you might think!  Instead of forgetting when you stored your coffee beans or other foods, you’ll always know when they were stored and if they are OK to eat.


You’ll save tons of money by not throwing away food all the time because it will last longer AND you’ll know how old it really is!

Please note:  The mechanical only comes in white, and the digital comes in black.


Lockedin mainly focuses on the field of vacuum preservation and is committed to creating reliable intelligent preservation products with qualified quality, prolonging the period of food preservation, and reducing waste.

Lockedin hopes to use vacuum preservation technology to create products suitable for the public, meet various storage needs of users, and make use of technology to contribute to the sustainable development of society while improving users’ sense of the quality of life and convenience.


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