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Van der Waals | Speaker with ferromagnetic visualizer

Van der Walls
van der waals

It’s the perfect time to enjoy the music! Take a look at what this magnificent product delivers!

With Van der Waals, you get the supreme audio-visual experience. Upping the ante and achieving a new dimension to your audio experience. Beautiful sound, but also design, will overwhelm you!

Why this name of the speaker… (Van der Waals)

Well, it is a tribute to the Dutch physicist and Nobel laureate Johannes Diderik van der Waals. He obtained a formula of the molecular states. It showed that the aggregation states of the gas and liquid are based on the same level.

Van der Waals

Theoretical molecular physics was Van der Waals’s most important work. His focus was researching molecules. Also, he discovered the forces that interact between them.

Magnetic fluid

What is so special about its 9-inch ferromagnetic screen? Well, it is capable of offering a visual spectacle! You just have to listen to your preferred musical theme. As opposed to LED lights or LCD screens, this device is dedicated to originality. This is where the magnetic fluid is coming to the scene. It’s the same fluid that NASA uses to control rocket fuel! Meaning, it utilizes it in rocket ships. Therefore, it manages fuel in No Gravity.

We all know that the audio speaker receives sound. On the other hand, a chunk of ferrofluid magnetic fluid reacts to the movement. That movement is produced by magnetic fields. That way offers a visualization active ingredient. It is because it dances and warps. Units join through Bluetooth and drive 4 audio systems. It is claimed with a full 50W output energy. But also, USB Kind-C Energy Supply.

Yes, they have used it in their speakers! That way supply songs aficionados with spectacular graphics. It is a great way to accompany their favored albums and also songs.

Power generating

Van der Waals speaker

When it comes to the power supply, this is enabled via a modern USB connector. And you know that final, crisp sound you experience? Well, it’s achieved with the assimilation of various digital components. And what guarantees top quality is sourcing audio speakers from the finest producers in the world. But exceptional audio speakers alone aren’t enough. They must be placed in the optimum position. By doing that you unlock immersive audio surroundings.

design Van der Waals


design bedroom

All Van der Waals receivers are sourced from Qualcomm. They are leaders in wireless modern technology. Not to mention development, and also top-quality sound reception. Their DSPs and amplifiers are sourced from Texas Instruments. T.I. is a semiconductor producing company.

design livingroom Van der Waals

Their responsibility is to provide pure, superior noise. Surely, these speakers emit it. With liquid control formulas, their customers can submerse in a breath-taking visual spectacle. Also, which can adjust regardless of your music preferences. This visualization adjusts according to the overarching frequencies and the volume. Given that, the liquid itself can be seen from far and wide.

These are the materials that were used:

materials that Van der Waals is made of

Double the aesthetic and audio effect. Do that by purchasing 2 Van der Waals audio speakers! It is a smart investment!


Their group has plenty of hours crafting this product. What you end up with it in your hands is a masterpiece. Therefore, you have to be aware it’s a product of year’s long labor ad love.

van der waals

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