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VAVA Chroma | Triple Laser Projector


Presenting you the VAVA Chroma! An ultra-short throw projector

My dear backers, Andrea here!

Although Projectors in the home are not the new thing, this one is something absolutely new!

Featuring triple laser innovation, ALPD ® 4.0, Alexa voice control, MEMC, 60W Harman Kardon speakers, and a smart Android television TV system.

vava chroma

Quickly adjust the projection between 80″ to 150″. That way, the cinematic experience is catered to your home!

No more messy cords or obstructed views


Unlike traditional projectors, the VAVA Chroma uses ultra-short-throw technology. Also boasts a 0.233:1 toss rate. Place it simply, 7.2″ from the wall for a spectacular 100″ projection. Utilizing  XPR * innovation, the VAVA Chroma projects immaculate detail as well as true 4K UHD resolution.

4k uhd vava chroma

Witness the clearness as well as precision that features 8.3 million distinct pixels! VAVA Chroma uses the globe’s most sophisticated ALPD ® 4.0 phosphor fluorescent innovation. 3 channel laser light: red, blue, and green. The VAVA Chroma supplies striking visuals with approximately 106% Rec.

ALPD ® 4.0 is 30% more effective than ALPD ® 3.0.

alpd 4.0 vava chroma

3.0 is still being used in the best theater in the world. The patent ALPD ® 4.0 technology additionally decreases speckles. They are generally discovered in other RGB light source projectors. Most movie theaters use DCI-P3 in their projectors. Nonetheless, the VAVA Chroma delivers 106% Rec.2020. In that way, covering the biggest space of color to the human eye.

vivid colors

Their newest projector has a higher level of color accuracy. 

brightness and vivid colors

You’ll get a lively, vivid image! Full of life and also sharpness. Of course, without loss of detail. VAVA Chroma’s powerful 1,500,000:1 vibrant contrast enhances your motion picture experience. It surpasses the standard 1,000,000:1 native comparison found in the theater. Meaning,  you’ll be getting an even much better photo than at the cinema!

See details unseen in other projectors

vava chroma display elephants

With HDR10 assistance, the VAVA Chroma offers you full detail in highlights. Also the shadows. Thanks to 106% Rec.2020 color gamut protection, you’ll also get deeper blacks, brighter whites, as well as much more vivid colors. This means greater contrast, fuller saturation, and a sharper photo.

By adding artificial frames between existing picture frameworks, MEMC enables videos to appear at a greater rate.

The VAVA Chroma’s MEMC modern technology immediately identifies vibrant pictures. Also, it inserts frameworks to ensure the movements you see are fluid as well as smooth.

ultra short throw

Do not allow ambient light to obstruct your cinematic experience! The Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) display is specifically designed for ultra-short throw projector. The engraved toothed grid structure on the screen’s surface denies 92% ambient light coming from the ceiling. With that, boosting the contrast and color saturation of the images.

hdr10 with vava chroma

You can not experience full cinematic ambient without good sound!

 With 60w Harman Kardon audio speakers and Dolby-powered sound, the VAVA Chroma brings you exactly what you need. Perfect sound for your full enjoyment!

harman kardon

The VAVA Chroma provides complete 3D compatibility. Making your home movie theater experience a lot more immersive. Pop on your favorite 3D movie and get started. Simply use your 3D glasses, and transport yourself to another dimension.


No more messing up with on-screen keyboards. VAVA Chroma includes Alexa Voice Control. Browse the integrated OS easily speaking directly into your remote. You can also regulate the smart devices in your home via Chroma.

3d vava chroma

Out with weak projector light bulbs! This is laser technology!

17 years of watchig

With a lamp life of approximately 25,000 hours, you’ll never need to change bulbs again. That suggests over 12,000 films or 4 hours of use a day. For seventeen years! Simply access your media from any device.

The VAVA Chroma works with all your smart devices.

style vava croma

Al the way, from your laptop to your disk drive.  It comes with 3 HDMI ports (supports Arc), built-in Wi-fi, ethernet input, and USB. Meaning, you’ll have whatever you need to get all your enjoyment.  There is no more need for mounting systems, cables extensions… VAVA Chroma as an ultra-short throw rate. If you ever need to relocate your projector, don’t worry. You just unplug it and place it according to your desires.


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