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WOW! This is no ordinary city bike!

velotric dicover couple

With a 500W motor, a 48V battery with Tesla-grade cells, as well as a reputable 80 miles of range, the Velotric Discover is a slick new e-bike! Developed to let you take the city like a tornado! The Discover features a slim design including a detachable battery unit. You can carry it with you always if the case of need to charge. Integrated front and also backlights give you a risk-free ride in low-light conditions. A digital dashboard is incorporated into the handlebar design. The intelligent pedal-assist has 3 levels, you choose which, to make your ride easier.

velotric engine wheel

The Discover – Love on the first sight!

Most likely the first thing that will astonish you is Discover’s slender build! Created by Velotric’s team (a collaboration between the former hardware team at Lime Micromobility and industry experts), the e-bike presents its self in the lean frame! Concealed electronics, and also a step-through design (without a leading tube) that makes hopping on as well as off very easy! Very usable if the biker is wearing a skirt.

city ride with velotric

Hybrid design and Certified LG/Samsung battery

Urban look with a step-through frame and upright riding placement, combined with a front suspension fork protects from shock from uneven surfaces. You can not mistake it for a standard pushbike, even though the battery is integrated.

functions on velotric

It just gives it a slimmer profile. The main tube on the front incorporates Discover’s battery, which sits flush against the surface. Velotric is boosted with Tesla Grade 21700 Cells, the 692Wh Battery Certified by LG/Samsung. The battery can be detached from the bike’s frame. Or you can charge it in the house or at the office.

The Velotric can be found in 5 shades across two board variants.

4 colors of bike

A US variant with a 500W electric motor, and also an EU-compliant version with a 250W motor.

couple in city ride

The only distinction between both rear-wheel-mounted electric motors is the quantity of torque they offer (the US alternative offers you 65Nm of torque versus the EU variation that ranks at 40Nm). Both versions provide a range of 80 miles with a speed going up to 20MPH. Also, both offer 3 levels of the intelligent pedal assist, brought about by 12 magnetic speed sensors that sense your pedaling speed. There is also a cadence to know when to offer your ride an electric increase.

Make your activities more bright!

back light on velotric

An incorporated 12V headlight and also 6V taillight as well, make the road ahead of you more visible. Also very important to allow riders/drivers behind you to find you from a range!

handles od discover

The Discover makes for a perfect city bike

For individuals that are looking to shift to electric two-wheelers, the Discover makes a rather compelling case with its tech-specs as well as its urban-friendly gender-friendly design. The e-bike features its very own rear-rack that allows you to place up to 25kg of load, and also an optional front rack that places right over the front wheel.

design od velotric discover

You have a place for things like grocery stores, purses, knapsacks, etc. Promoted as ‘Simple, Comfortable, and Reliable, the e-bike has an ergonomic seat, as well as an adjustable handlebar.

ergonomic seat of velotric discover

Team behind the Velotric

Presenting you The Velotric team, led by the co-founder of Lime, Adam Zhang. Their employee are professionals from the likes of Lime, Giant, Specialized, and Decathlon, with approximately 15 years of experience in light electric vehicle design, engineering, and supply chain. They believe e-bikes ought to be sophisticated, stylish, high performance, reliable…

logo of velotric

But affordable for a wide range of users. The main idea is a simpler and also even more joyful e-bike experience for cyclists! If you like it, you would like to own one, it is something you can afford and enjoy.


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