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Vento | The Ultimate Portable Fan

A Wireless Travel Fan that is Foldable. Extendable. Rechargeable.

Vento | The Ultimate Portable Fan

Vento is the first fan of its kind. A modern designed electric fan that was built to be ultra-portable and super power-full, lasting over 48-hours on a single charge. You’re sure to look cool and feel cool with Vento.  

Great things come in small sizes. Vento is only 3.5 X 8 inches in size, making it super convenient for traveling and storing in any closet, car, or small space.  

We are now living in the 21st century, but oddly the fan hasn’t kept up to date with our computer laptops, mobile smartphones, and even vacuum cleaners- all moving into a wire-less design that makes our lives more convenient. With Vento, you can say goodbye once and for all to short cables and annoying power sockets and keep your space cool no matter where you are. 

Vento is made to be portable. The fan conveniently fits into those with active lifestyles and a myriad of user environments. Staying cool has never been this convenient. 

Vento | The Ultimate Portable Fan

The magic for Vento comes in its foldable design. Easily unfold and extend the fan to take it from a closed 3.5 inches to a full-standing fan size of 3.5 feet. 

Vento comes with a built-in oscillation of 120 degrees. Easily share the cool breeze with everyone around you and keep your space comfortably air-conditioned. 

With three speed setting options of soft, medium, and strong, you can control the wind power at the touch of a button. 

Vento can also double as a superpower bank charger with a 16000 Mah battery. That’s enough to charge a regular smartphone over 6X! What’s even better, Vento can charge two devices at once using both output ports: having both a standard USB port and a USB-C port. 

Both fan and mood light, Vento can give off the perfect ambiance of warm white light to lit your personal space, whether that be a bedroom, living room, an outdoor patio or camping tent. It offers three light setting options to choose from. 

Vento | The Ultimate Portable Fan

Controlling your Vento fan is super easy with the detachable wireless remote control. The control is stored magnetically in the base of the fan and can conveniently remove to control all the main fan settings- ON/OFF, fan speed, LED light, and fan oscillation. 

Never worry about finding a power outlet or having your electric cable reach power. With Vento, you’re 100% free to take the fan with you wherever you choose to go. With a built-in 16000 Mah rechargeable electric battery, you can use the fan for days on a single charge.

With Vento, they wanted a fully electric fan that could also last a long time on a single charge. They’ve designed Vento so it can run continuously for over 2-days on a single charge. It also can charge up all your devices as it also can double as a power bank. 

Vento makes finding that perfect angle for the fan incredibly easy. With the extension rod, you can adjust the height and the head of the fan to fit whatever angle you prefer.

Vento is a modern fan design that will fit nicely with any contemporary home or office environment. The design is sleek and minimal, allowing it to accentuate and look nice wherever you keep it.

Vento is built with a high-quality ABS plastic and we’ve put extra attention in our development process to stress test the fan under many conditions to ensure it meets and exceeds the standards for those active users, whether they be travelers or daily commuters. 

Vento | The Ultimate Portable Fan

Along with developing a premium portable fan, they’ve also designed the perfect accompanying travel case, made with a waterproofed 600D EVA material and reversed waterproof zipper. The inner lining is made with velvet with a mesh pocket for storing the charging cable. 

Cleaning the Vento fan is also a breeze. The front cover plate is designed to be easily removed for quick and simple cleaning when needed. 

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