VIAGEA Versatile, Durable, Lightweight and Trendy Glasses

VIAGEA | Versatile, Durable, Lightweight, and Trendy Glasses

Viagea is where smart technology and prestigious design converge, resulting in an eyewear experience that transforms alongside you.

Meet ViageA, a top-quality eyewear brand, handcrafted in Italy, that highlights one’s individual identity and changes matter right into art.

ViageA frames feature an incorporated joint technology that allows its wearers to choose a variety of styles and features from one, solitary frame.

VIAGEA  Versatile, Durable, Lightweight and Trendy Glasses

SUPER EASY SET-UP: This brand-new innovation features detachable accents that permit customers to have more choices when tailoring their frames. It literally takes less than 5 seconds to make your very own look.

Their joint system makes it feasible to personalize the design and feature of the glasses, merely by clipping their [C1-Accent Clips] to the [B1-Base structure with the Blue light cut lens or UV Sunlight lens without prescription]

Aesthetic appeals are just half the battle. Their innovative eyewear styles are leaving out screws, rivets, and welding from your glasses. This modern-day eyewear has many useful advantages, as they are much sturdier and more resilient.

VIAGEA  Versatile, Durable, Lightweight and Trendy Glasses

Their goal is to deconstruct each aspect, analyze its function and re-present it in a different way. Each frame is customized to your particular choices.

CONVENTIONAL BARREL JOINT: Many structures have specific parts joined together with screws, which often tend to loosen up and also require continuous tightening or perhaps fall off.

The Old Art of Japanese Origami Influences into Modern Minimalist Layout: Their copyrighted joint is made by casting and making use of a solitary block of spring steel sheet made into a simple cut & fold step – similar to the Japanese art of origami.

VIAGEA  Versatile, Durable, Lightweight and Trendy Glasses


Their interchangeable active temple is made to be light-weight so that it remains on easily throughout any type of physical activities which will profit your body’s immune system, especially during the pandemic. + Fitness club, gym, or any sporting activities.


ViageA is with you in your everyday life. ViageA can be changed to fit your requirements – both in style as well as function.

Simply think about your life at the workplace, at a coffee shop, friends’ gatherings or dates, and at the gym … how excellent it looks with the best pair. Time to beautify your day-to-day outfit with some ultimate pairs: Classic, Chic, Funky, and Sporty. With ViageA, one frame is all you require.

VIAGEA  Versatile, Durable, Lightweight and Trendy Glasses


Their very first little batch is a minimal edition of the Milano frame collection with an accent clip. This inaugural collection is influenced by Milan, with contemporary lines and metallic composition. They intentionally reimagined classic, timeless frame styles that fit each particular face form, making it very easy to find the match that is right for you. This distinct simplicity is stylish, yet spiritual.


Presenting its lightest stainless-steel frame which is identified by its extreme simplicity. With only 12 grams in weight for BASE FRSME and also 1 to 5 grams of CLIP ACCENT. MAX 17 grams altogether.

VIAGEA  Versatile, Durable, Lightweight and Trendy Glasses


POLYGON, SQUARE: Select your preferred base frame form and color through the survey after the campaign.

BLUE LIGHT CUT LENS: Perfect if you’re working in front of a screen all day! Smartphones, Television, computer screens, & LED’s emit blue light that can cause eye strain, leading to migraines, and negatively impacting sleep. Their top-notch Blue Light-Blocking Lenses are produced for individuals that spend a great deal of their time inside and are exposed to blue-violet light.

Their frames are totally prescription-ready. You can take them to your optometrist and they will have the ability to add prescription lenses for you.

VIAGEA  Versatile, Durable, Lightweight and Trendy Glasses

UV SUNLIGHT Lenses: Their sun lense guarantee protection versus UV radiation and glow, leading to comfortable vision with clear contrast and each pair of glasses is hand-made by expert hands. There are 3 shade choices: BLACK, BROWN, Blue for SUNLIGHT LENSES.

Virtual try-on with 3D fit: Choosing the right frame for your face shape online can really feel challenging. For that reason, they offer a VR filter to help you in picking the appropriate shade and form, they are giving an online mirror mobile phone application, available to all of their backers on Instagram.

MAKE IT YOUR OWN: You will certainly have the ability to customize the lens, the form, the type of temple, as well as exact accent clips and color you like via the survey after the campaign.

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