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Vinnic | Safest & Sturdiest Portable LiFePO4 Power Station


512Wh&2000Wh Capacity | Charge Electric Cars | $0.6/wh | Cycle life 4000-8000 | 1500W&4000W Peak Power | Solar MPPT | 11 Outputs

Forget about the power outages once for all. Vinnic will be there for you under any circumstance. Sturdy and durable, with many reliable features, you will never need another power station in your life.

The demand for mobile power stations has quickly outpaced supplies due to Covid-19 and the global energy crisis. Whenever you face natural disasters like earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, blizzards, floods, or crises such as power grid collapses caused by low temperatures, or if you forget to charge your EV, Vinnic can quickly provide power for your emergency necessities.

Vinnic Safest & Sturdiest Portable LiFePO4 Power Station

Vinnic Portable Power Station: An off-grid solution that meets your power needs! Two models are available — PS700W-512 and PS2000W-1958. With a large capacity of 512Wh and 2000Wh, are continuously powered by a rechargeable LiFePO4 battery (1500W and 4000W)! All your devices will be continuously powered on for several hours. Therefore, you’ll never get into trouble due to a power outage.

Vinnic Safest & Sturdiest Portable LiFePO4 Power Station

The most durable and toughest power storage ever, Vinnic brings you an unparalleled experience with its all-aluminum design.

The carrying handle is designed so it can be durable and stackable. It doesn’t only easily support its own weight, but also allows you to place heavy items on top of it.

Airline-Level Integrated Metal Case, Super-Strong Tolerance

Their Patented Unibody Aluminum Design, features an individual chamber that separates the main battery cell and all other electronics within the unit, this differentiates us from other competitors in the market, which gives us a leading edge in Safety, Temperature control, and structural integrity.

The Vinnic Power Station is vigorously tested for rough transportation situations and fully complies with ISTA-1A standards. Take it with you on the road and confidently go on those bumpy trails. Your devices will stay charged, even in the roughest road conditions.

You can buy Vinnic with confidence because it surpasses other batteries.

As the most stable modern batteries, they won’t overheat or explode when charging during summer! Even if you pierce it while charging, it won’t catch fire.

The cathode material in the LiFePO4 battery is harmless, so it won’t harm your health or the environment. Compared with mainstream lithium-ion batteries, it has a longer cycle life, safer performance, and higher discharge capacity rate. It doesn’t emit fuel emissions or carbon monoxide, and you can safely use it indoors.

The battery and inverter are located in separate parts of the energy storage unit to maximize its heat dissipation and safety performance.

In addition, LiFePO4 batteries are as safe as automotive batteries, have long-lasting cycles, can be used for about 10 years, and have strong loading capacities.

LiFePO4 batteries’ safety is their biggest advantage, in addition to their long life as well as their outstanding charge and discharge performance.

Vinnic has specially developed an intelligent temperature control fan, which is a brand-new heat dissipation structure with an interchangeable airflow temperature system. Their intelligent temperature control keeps Vinnic PS700W-512 and PS2000W-1958 cool and also protects the battery.

The intelligent temperature control fan starts at 35 degrees Celsius, creating a quiet environment and maintaining a constant temperature of under 35 degrees Celsius.

Cooling vents are strategically placed at the front and rear of the Vinnic Power Station, giving it the best-quality cooling, even if placed under other items.

Vinnic | Safest & Sturdiest Portable LiFePO4 Power Station

Supports external temperatures from -4℉ to 140℉ (-20℃ to 60℃)

The recommended usage and storage temperature range:

  • Operating temperature: 0 to 45°C
  • Operating humidity: maximum 90%
  • Storage temperature: 0 to 40°C
  • Storage humidity: maximum 45%

700W and 2000W pure sine wave inverters provide impressive AC output. You’ll no longer have to worry about falling into darkness during natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires.

In addition, PS700W-512 and PS2000W-1958 are very suitable for the power requirements of all large electrical appliances or multi-devices.

For All Your Power Needs

Use Vinnic PS2000W as an emergency backup power source for electric vehicles to accelerate your journey.

A single charge can provide a reassuring 10 kilometers of extra mileage.

You can run your vehicle’s power supply that requires a higher current to run. PS700W-512 and PS2000W-1958’s maximum peak power can reach 1500W-4000W. Therefore, you can turn on the heater, mini-fridge, or microwave in an RV or easily run other high-power devices.

When using Vinnic, you’ll have enough power when camping in small spaces or outdoors. If you’re considering buying off-grid power, the Vinnic series is your perfect choice.

Vinnic | Safest & Sturdiest Portable LiFePO4 Power Station

Vinnic is powerful and stays charged anytime, anywhere. PS700W & PS2000W have various output options, including 2 x 230V AC ports, 4 x USB-A ports, 1 x PD 100W USB-C, 2 x 12V DC ports, 1 x DC 12V car cigarette port, and 1 x DC 12.8V/10A jump clamp port. PS700W and PS2000W all-in-one power stations are ideal at home, at parties, during camping, or as an emergency power backup. It can power many appliances including power tools and medical devices as well as household appliances such as refrigerators.

Vinnic | Safest & Sturdiest Portable LiFePO4 Power Station

Asian version: 11 plugs

US version: 10 plugs

With Vinnic, you’ll no longer need to worry about power outages!

Traditionally, solar panels are inefficient and charge slowly without strong sunlight. However, Vinnic overcomes these shortcomings. Just put PS700W-512 & PS2000W-1958 in the sun, and you can collect energy quickly and efficiently on the solar panel.

Vinnic | Safest & Sturdiest Portable LiFePO4 Power Station

PS700W-512 needs 4 hours to fully charge, and PS2000W-1958 needs 10.5 hours.

Just put PS700W-512 & PS2000W-1958 in the sun and collect energy quickly and efficiently on the solar panel.

Their solar panel PETC-2 is made of advanced lamination technology and durable composites that guarantee durability for more than 20 years. The solar charge optimization module pre-installed in Vinnic acts as a maximum power point tracker (MPPT) that reduces charging time by 40% and weighs only 7.62 KG, making it easy to take wherever you want to go. It comes with a supporting stand for easy placement on the lawn, and you can adjust its angle at any time for better sunlight!

Moreover, Vinnic is compatible with any type of currently available 5521 or 7909 DC plug solar panels (applicable to both).

Solar charge times are dependent on many factors such as elevation, temperature, season, and positioning relative to the sun.

Vinnic | Safest & Sturdiest Portable LiFePO4 Power Station

It’s important to understand that lithium-ion batteries will degrade over time if they are charged too quickly. The wall socket’s charging time is set to approximately 3.5 hours to ensure that Vinnic can last for at least 4000 cycles.

When using the 250W standard adapter, 700W requires 3.5 hours to fully charge and 2.5 hours to charge to 80%; 2000W requires 10.8 hours to fully charge and 6.5 hours to charge to 80%.

The LCD panel can be controlled by pressing the two buttons next to it, while the current, voltage, power, temperature, and charging status displayed on the screen can be viewed in real-time.

Vinnic uses the highest quality LiFePO4 batteries to ensure the longest possible product life as well as better heat dissipation and stability, so it’s always reliable. Nine international certifications and safety functions ensure its consistency and safety. Their battery pack retains 80% of its original capacity even after 4000 full charge cycles, so you can use it almost every day for 10 years and it’ll still have 80% of its original capacity. If you use it less frequently, it can last for up to 15 years.


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