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VIZOR | Blue Light Gaming Glasses

Cutting edge blue light glasses from Blux customized for gaming. Developed with insights from gamers worldwide & Astralis!

The best gamers don’t just practice their game, they practice good health. They eat right and sleep well before a match just to get that extra competitive edge. Many are finding blue light blockers to be just as essential for maintaining in-game focus.


Reducing exposure to high-energy blue light allows the eyes to relax, preventing strain. It also helps maintain healthy levels of melatonin, the body’s natural sleep hormone.

What is blue light?

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum. It’s what has helped regulate our biological clocks for thousands of years. The amount of blue light in our environment tells us when to feel tired when to feel energized, and when to check-in for the night. Since computer screens emit large amounts of blue light, using them for too long or too often confuses our internal clock. All digital screens also have what’s called a ‘flicker’ caused by tiny LED bulbs constantly flashing at high speeds. This overworks the eyes, making them feel strained and tired.


What can you do about it?

Well, you can’t do much about digital screens – those are here to stay. But with blue light glasses, you can filter a great percentage of the harmful light coming at you from your gaming device. Their VIZOR collection offers four different varieties of style and strength, but all will ease the discomfort and fatigue caused by prolonged screen time.


Product specifications/ key features

There are plenty of blue light glasses out there on the market – they’ve made quite a few of them themselves! But no other line has been customized for gaming like VIZORs have. They were designed in Scandinavia with a minimalistic and clean approach, combining functionality with fashion, power with comfort. Esport champions Astralis along with thousands of gamers worldwide had input during development, and helped them achieve a final design backed both by science and the average gamer.

Health problems stemming from blue-light overexposure are well-documented. Poor sleep, eye strain, and headaches are common complaints from hardcore and casual gamers alike. High-resolution computer monitors are especially harmful, emitting huge amounts of artificial blue light and producing an LED flicker that overworks the eyes.

Glasses in the VIZOR line use blue-light filtering lenses that greatly reduce the amount of blue light that makes it through to the eyes.

They also reduce screen glare, naturally relax eye muscles, and look pretty rad while doing it!

Power, comfort, style – that’s what the VIZOR collection aims for. Blux uses high-quality stainless steel, TR90 plastic, and blue-light tech based on the latest optical research to create all their glasses. In other words, VIZORs will use the exact same materials and design approach.

The VIZOR line will consist of four different models which you can purchase on the Kickstarter landing page by making a pledge. Making a pledge is an effective pre-order, and will begin June 8 at 5 pm Danish time, 2021. After the initial Kickstarter campaign, Blux expects to ship VIZORs to a number of stores throughout the Nordic region.



Ultimate is a pair of gaming glasses for the minimalist. The small, rounded frames are super lightweight. Additionally, the corrosion-resistant temples give Ultimate a modern feel you can count on even after years of heavy use. This model comes in two variants. One with a TR90 frame and stainless-steel temples, and one with a carbon fiber frame and titanium temples.


Stealth X

Stealth X takes our celebrated pilot frame design from the classic Blux collection and reshapes it into a gaming powerhouse. To sum up, Razor-thin temples, rubber tip ends, and a full stainless-steel frame give Stealth X a sleek combination of power, comfort, and style. You’ll forget you’re wearing them – but your opponents will take notice.



Blade combines an iconic American frame design and Swiss-made TR90 plastic to create a pair of gaming glasses as fresh as they are forceful. The ultra-wide frames reduce glare in any lighting situation, and you can fully personalize Blade’s look with separate frame and temple colors.


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