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Wainlux L3 | Powerful 10W Dual-Laser Cutter & Engraver W/ Autofocus

Wainlux L3

Wainlux L3 Laser Downsized Industrial Power At Your Tabletop. Versatile DIY Tool For Creative Hobbyists, Artists, And Small Businesses

Wainlux L3

Dear backers, Wainlux L3 is here! Last year, with your help, they launched the Wainlux K6 – the first version of a compact, powerful, and simple-to-use laser engraver. The Kickstarter campaign was a great success and helped them reach customers all over the world.

By sharing the K6 with so many creative people, they learned a great deal about the features most important to users. Your valuable feedback and suggestions are helping to guide the development of their latest product – Wainlux L3, the perfect outlet for your creativity.

Small at-home laser machines are not powerful enough to produce your favorite patterns while heavier machines often cost a fortune. You need a slimmed-down industrial laser cutter & engraver, yet with industrial power! Wainlux L3 helps you realize your creative potential at the touch of a button.

Easier Cutting, Better Engraving!

With Wainlux L3, your creative designs come to life thanks to its powerful 10W twin-beam laser. Its versatility is endless – create home decor, gifts for friends, 3D toys, or small businesses you are planning to start in 2021. Anything you can imagine!

Wainlux L3

Creative Works By Wainlux L3

The Wainlux L3 uses a compressed laser dot of 10W that is powerful enough to cut through a 5mm board in only one pass. It needs fewer passes to cut deeper than other engravers/ cutters in its class, so the resulting kerf is barely larger than the laser beam itself. This makes it possible to make very fine details and leaves less burn on the surface.

Engraving & Cutting Details

Engraving Anything!

The body of the L3 is an aluminum structure that is durable and rigid. Left and right linear guide rails ensure the laser head moves synchronously along the x-axis, this means that intricately detailed designs can be reproduced reliably over and over again with perfect accuracy.

Fast Set-Up

Wainlux L3 has an innovative design that is delivered in pre-assembled modules so it only takes 2 minutes to put them together and begin engraving.

Live Preview

Before you start a masterpiece with L3, you can set it through your mobile or PC on ‘‘Preview Mode’’. There will be a light spot on the object surface moving with the laser head, outlining the size and position of the pattern selected. Then the placement can be adjusted as desired.

Wainlux L3

Autofocus by Distance Sensor

It’s frustrating to find ugly burn marks on your work because of lasers that fail to focus. But manually setting the laser focus can be difficult on irregular objects so L3 is designed with an Autofocus feature that finds the ‘sweet spot’ every time. With a simple tap on the touch key on the laser head, it automatically z-downs and stops at the pre-programmed focus distance. Then all you need to do is watch as your design appears on the surface.

  • Works Perfect On Irregular Objects
  • Detect Distance Automatically
  • Batch Production
Wainlux L3

The extended working area of L3 is suitable for engraving larger patterns and also very handy for batch creation. This means, engraving or cutting several objects at one time without resetting the machine again.

  • One Pass Cutting
  • Mass Creation
  • Heightening Spacer

Make it possible to engrave on a big volume object with 4 heightening columns, less limitation on size, more options to engrave on.

Rotary Roller

Cylindrical objects, orbs, even eggs can be engraved on with the rotary roller. 360° engraving is possible for Wainlux L3. Break the rule of conventional engraving, Wainlux L3 brings you more fun engraving on uneven surfaces!

Using Heightening Spacer and Rotary Roller

They created L3 by downsizing the high quality and powerful features found in industrial laser cutters & engravers. Wainlux L3 uses a pioneering design that integrates double laser diodes into one head. The converging power beams go through a FAC optic, which compresses the laser into an 80-um spot with output efficiency high up to 97.5%!

Wainlux L3

These powerful functions of Wainlux L3 are not to be offered at the cost of your safety.

Advanced safeguard gives all-around protections that ensure safety for the device and its users.

They are working on their new software and it will be compatible with all of the products from Wainlux (K4 excepted). Featuring cross-platform compatibility for both mobile and desktop use, more intuitive UI design, and versatile multi-format support. In other words, Wainlux L3 is easier to use for anyone. In addition, Lightburn and LaserGRBL are also compatible with Wainlux L3 after the firmware upgrade.

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