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WANDIAN | Super Anti-Mosquito Band w/ Turbo Fan+Scent Warmer

Keep pesky mosquitos away | Wear in multiple ways & modes | Safe for kids & the pregnant | Rechargeable & long-lasting | DIY scent pads

What stops you from hanging out with friends, going out for dates, or bringing your kids outdoors in the summer? Mosquitos play a significant part in annoying you from enjoying your time outside.

You should try WANDIAN! A small yet powerful mosquito repellent that protects you and your family from pesky bugs with neither irritating spray nor pungent smell. Only a light faint scent from its plant-based ingredients that is safe to both kids and pregnant women.  The miniature scent-burner and the turbofan combine to spread the repellent further and faster, even in a strong wind. Enjoy a mosquito-free summer and life with WANDIAN!


Fan & Heat Mode Enlarges The Repellent Effect

WANDIAN releases the essential oil through the air vent and forms an invisible protective shield to block mosquitoes. The microturbine blower and heating plate help the essential oil dissipate and form the protective shield quickly.

The heating pad and the micro turbo blower quickly activate the repellent and speed up the creation of the mosquito protection zone. The combination protects you from mosquitoes and other annoying insects in a minute!


The color of the incense tablet will gradually fade as it volatilizes. When it turns white, it’s time to change to a new one!

  • Slow-Release Mode: It slowly releases the mosquito repellent to protect you. The efficacy lasts for 60 days. Therefore, it’s suitable for exercising.
  • Fan repellent mode: When you press the power button, WANDIAN will quickly spread the mosquito repellent and keep you in a highly protective environment for 8 hours.
  • Powerful mosquito repellent mode: The most powerful mode using electric heating + fan, working for 4 hours.
  • Long-term mosquito repellent mode: Connect it to the power source, then it will work enduringly with a high repellent effect.

The problems of current mosquito repellents are: smoky and ashy, short-lived, unfriendly to the respiratory tract, and hazardous to kids and pregnant women.

WANDIAN is a plant-based mosquito repellent that extracts essential oil from citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, Artemisia argyi, lycopene, and geranium, etc., consequently, they are 100% pure and natural. DEET-free! (* If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, please do not use it)

Chase Mosquitoes Away From You with WANDIAN!


DIY Your Favorite Odor!

You can also DIY your own mosquito repellent plate with any brand of natural essential oil with the blank plate. Therefore, have fun and get your favorite scent.

You can wear WANDIAN in multiple ways to fit your different outfits in different occasions. Wear it with the included strap or the metal clip, or, wear it with your own lanyard or replaceable straps.

DEET is part of mosquito repellent that can’t be used for kids under 2 months old and might negatively affect the environment, humans, and animals like fish, birds, and other insects.


Upholding the concept of environmental protection, WANDIAN uses a rechargeable battery and the recyclable package. In other words, it can avoid environmental pollution by the wasted battery and plastic package.

When WANDIAN is not in use, store it into its original airtight container, which will preserve the repellent for longer. It will stop the pads from degrading and retain their effect till the next time of use. Don’t worry about wasting it by letting it lie idle.

No sweaty pressure from wearing WANDIAN during summer!


It has a heat dissipation design that allows airflow between your skin and WANDIAN.

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