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WashUP | The Next-Generation Wireless Cleaning Tool


Clean anything wirelessly at a microscopic level with the all-new Double Transducer while saving water and energy!

WashUp is the first family ultrasonic cleansing device outfitted with a double-transducer. It supplies a lot more powerful deep-cleaning at the microscopic level compared to traditional ultrasonic cleaners.

With 45,000 acoustic waves affecting it per second, it can remove 99.9% of dust, bits, and also microorganisms on the items.


There are 3 different power modes for you to select, suiting each thing you are going to tidy.

WashUP is one of the very first ultrasonic cleaning devices that you can use wirelessly. You can clean anything without the threat of placing the power cable right into the water. In other words, it can be truly unsafe. Feel secure to wash with WashUP every single time.

WashUP is extremely mobile, you can bring it along conveniently when you are traveling or camping as it will barely occupy the priceless space of your bag or suitcase.

WashUP is so peaceful that you will not see when it is washing your things. So feel free to wash anything anytime and anywhere. You can also utilize it to clean up late during the night – it will not awaken a baby for sure.


You can easily recharge WashUP by positioning it back on the compact charging pad. No requirement to connect in any type of charging cord at all. It will totally charge in under two hrs.

Picking WashUP doesn’t only save you money and time, yet it also conserves our valuable environment.

WashUP utilizes 40 times less water as well as 15 times less power per wash compared to typical washing equipment. You can conserve the environment and lower water and electrical energy usage at the same time when you clean your things.


The cleaning device is an excellent invention. It deals with your laundry job and also offers you extra downtime. But on the other hand, it is only effective when you have a full load to wash. If you do not load it up every time, you will certainly be wasting water and electrical energy unnecessarily. A washer is likewise a huge home appliance constructed from steel and plastic. Both add a substantial quantity of carbon footprint at manufacturing and disposal.

Replacing your washing machine with WashUP will conserve ~ 70kg of plastic and steel. To really eliminate waste for the planet, they have made WashUP a lot more powerful and lasting than the other options. Their goal is to replace cleaning machines for smaller-sized households. In other words, to ensure that clothing you can clean with less damage to our environment.


Try using WashUP to clean your things more thoroughly and quickly while saving a great deal of water and energy! It’s everybody’s duty to save our natural environment!

A basic WashUP set consists of a WashUP device, a charging pad, a charging wire, and a user guidebook.

They are additionally offering the most effective cleaning agent for your washing experience. Presenting Laundry Paper, the ultra-portable, as well as an environmentally-friendly paper cleaning agent. It liquifies in water instantly and provides a strong cleaning power to your dirty products.


WashUP’s goal is to create products that can minimize water and energy usage. By utilizing WashUP to clean products, it saves way more water as well as energy when compared to various other choices such as a standard cleaning device. With the brand new “Double-Transducer”, it will certainly wash items much cleaner than hand cleaning, as the cleaning occurs at a microscopic level.

The ultrasonic wave has actually been made use of to tidy stuff for years. The ultrasonic wave produces many microbubbles that are appropriate for cleaning. Having no moving components inside, WashUP can be made smaller sized and also a lot more trustworthy than standard washing machines. It takes simply a tiny fraction of the electrical power called for to power a device washing machine and just a single load of water sufficient to soak the items. With it, limited energy and water resources are conserved.

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