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Wild Fire | 4-in-1 Grill – Ultimate Cooking Platform 

Hello dear backers,

Spring has begun and with it – here comes The Wild Fire 4-in-1 Grill!

Wild fire the looks

Wild Fire is a patent-pending outdoor food preparation platform!

  Combining a typical grill, a pizza oven, an Asado-style grill this is one cool multifunctional cooking miracle! It becomes a warming station also. All your needs are satisfied.
Thanks to its adjustable temperature, you can easily change temperature zones. Not to mention cooking styles! Make whatever you or your crew crave – in no time.
Additionally, it’s compact and portable. You can easily take it anywhere with you!

guys making food on wild fire

They use the concept of a FORGE to press air through the charcoal bed. 

10 minutes after just add your chimney starter to the coal bed. Soon you’ll obtain supercharged air temperatures of approximately 1100 ° F!

grilling chopsticks on wild fire

But, listen what’s the best part! The air control is definitely adjustable. You have complete control over the temperature. This suggests you can transform food preparation “areas” instantly. All thanks to this accurate and flexible airflow.

in close photo of wild fire

Return to basics. 

You have a 15″ size charcoal grill located straight above the coal bed. Easily readjust the temperature level using Wild Fire’s total draft air control. From low-n-slow to high-temperature grilling, you choose.

putting out the coal from wild fire

By having enough space to load even more firewood you can achieve the magic of a wood-fired pit (Combined with food preparation). The flexible height grill swings off quickly. That way giving you the option to adapt to a real fire.
After the meal, don’t forget to load firewood chunks. Do you want to keep a cozy atmosphere and maybe cook something later in the evening?

 With WildFire 4-in-1 Grill’s cook, sear as well as crisp your food flawlessly!

different methods of preparing food

Imagine, 1100 ° F temperature level whenever you need it. Make your preferred 13″ artisanal pizza in under 90 secs. Flawlessly seared steak in mins, or crunchy crust on your chicken? Delicious, simple, and fast.Plus: Include wood chunks for an unbelievable smoky flavor. Or just broil with our combination of convection as well as induction heat from the charcoal above!

With 12″ cast iron pan make delicious sauces and also keep meals warm as you prepare a whole meal in one place.
Finally, you can obtain your food nicely warm during your yard promenades!

At 17″ in diameter and 40 pounds, you will maintain enough space for the guests. Gather around the Wild Fire 4-in-1 Grill without excluding anyone!

wild fire features

Throughout their layout and also engineering procedure, they selected the toughest, most resilient materials. This means you can enjoy years of grilling. The aluminum body is topped with a porcelain-coated steel cover. A generous amount of stainless steel throughout the item provides a tough, long-lasting efficiency.

chicken in sauce on wild fire

The Wild Fire 4-in-1 Grill is fully portable and prepared for the road

With their Wild ROAM Rig, which features a Reese Hitch adapter for tailgating, you are ready for outdoor life. The battery with ROAM Rig is 12 Volt, is rechargeable, and with the ability to run for hours.

fast fire up

Get excited about all the delicious food you can make! A lot of our favorite memories were made around the grill, interesting, isn’t it? They wish to level up your outside cooking experience. Also, they’re confident that the Wild Fire 4-in-1 Grill will satisfy whatever you’re desire. Despite where you go.


They can’t wait to be a part of your brand-new foodie experiences. And also assist you to level up your grilling game!

Their product has actually been exhaustively fielded tested in Boone, NC. After finishing the design and technical details, they examined the Wild Fire 4-in-1 at an epic 8-hour pop-up picnic.  They’ll be constructing it themselves in Boone, NC so all items pass from their hands to your hands. This is their guarantee of high quality and performance.

people arround wild fire pit

„The Wildbrand journey began with a quest for the searing steak to perfection at home with charcoal and wood. After 26 prototypes and a lot of failures, followed by some really cool “Aha!” moments, my team and I created this all-in-one outdoor, patent-pending cooking platform that’s fast, fun to use, and produces a variety of food our modern foodie families love. As designers and engineers, we’re obsessed with details and we’re ready to go into production.“ ( Scott Kobryn)

the team wild fire

They have more than 20 years of experience in:
Product development, prototyping, design, manufacturing, list building, crowdfunding campaign monitoring, public relationships, email marketing, and paid media marketing.

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