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WizeeHome | New Generation Foldable Baking Tray


Hello, kitchen sector!

A. here, and today’s assistant name is WizeeHome.

His name refers to Wizard, because, he really is a miracle!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks it is ab – fab!

Baking tray for a new way!

WizeeHome in use

Many baking trays and also food storage containers on the market are bulky, space-consuming, and also difficult to use! With WizeeHome it’s not the case! It does so much more than anything of the kind. Foldable, with a safe and adaptable silicone lid,  can endure low fridge temperatures to -20 ºC. On the other hand, a high stove warms at as much as 230ºC! WizeeHome locks in the freshness to maintain every meal just as crisp as the day you made it!

different meals in tray

Do you have common worries such as these?

  • tough to clean
  • unable to arrange grilled food
  • extra cling wrap is lost to keep food

Heat-resistant Backing tray – WizeeHome

sorting food in WizeeHome

WizeeHome is a foldable multifunctional storage box for food. But, it’s also: heat-resistant baking tray, food container, and also food storage. It is thoroughly engineered utilizing FDA-approved food-grade silicone. Meaning, a risk-free and non-stick construct that you can pop food right into. It is your new kitchen buddy when it comes to food preparation. Whether it’s cooking, microwaving, or everything in-between! Lock in the freshness, use it to make ice… You are limitless in options.

preparing food

You can call it adaptability at its finest!

WizeeHome brings an entirely new world of easiness to the concept of bakeware. Measuring in at simply 45 mm high when unfolded, and just 16 mm when you fold it. Imagine, WizeeHome is slimmer than a smartphone when packed!

about WizeeHome

The WizeeHome can stand as high as 230 ° C. You can put multiple trays into the oven together. That way you can bake different food at different times and temperature levels. It will certainly save a lot of time. And more delicious food too!


Thanks to WizeeHome’s FDA-approved, food-grade silicone, you can slip the container right into the microwave. Why not attempt placing various food in different trays to guarantee even cooking across the board?

few levels of backing

WizeeHome’s silicone cover keeps your food just as fresh as the day you made it. Just pop the top on and put your WizeeHome into the fridge. Also, put it in a freezer if you intend to use WizeeHome to make ice that bulges easily!

ice cubes

The lid

With WizeeHome’s full-coverage lid design, you never have to stress over liquids seeping out. Do you know that tough-to-remove discolorations in your refrigerator, microwave, or oven? Never again! This suggests you can also store milk or soup in your WizeeHome!

the lid of WizeeHome

With anti-burn grips installed on either side of WizeeHome, you can safely move it around the house. Forget stressing over unpleasant surprises.

oven with multiple WizeeHome

Cling film isn’t just irritating, it’s also a single-use plastic. Imagine how damaging is that to the planet. With WizeeHome’s cover that’s all-time reusable, you can sleep like a baby. Not stressing about piles of clingfilm, that will never dissolve.

WizeeHome product picture

Unfolded, WizeeHome can hold 1.4 kg of food or liquid. Even if you stack numerous WizeeHome boxes with each other, you don’t need to stress over one box squashing the contents of another. It is developed to be tough as nails!

Whether you’re taking leftovers to the office or taking your family to the picnic, WizeeHome will assure your food will get to the destination as packed.

picnic with WizeeHome

Cleaning WizeeHome

washing and putting in the bag

Non-stick silicone is a valued material worldwide. Loved how easy as well as simple is to clean it up. There is no stain that can’t be washed away in no time. Just splash of water and a quick rinse. However, you can pop it in the dishwasher also!

Wizee logo

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