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WonderSpray | The Portable Butt Shower

Revolutionizing the bathroom experience one clean bum at a time.

Let’s be honest: toilet paper doesn’t really get you clean. All it does is smear it around. You wouldn’t wipe a piece of poo off your hand – you would clean it with water, which is already a natural solvent. Why treat your most sensitive bits any differently?

And we all know that toilet paper can be just downright irritating. WonderSpray is a refreshing experience that leaves you feeling like your butt just stepped out of a shower. And since you control what temperature of water you use, your butt will thank you.

Experience the best clean of your life with a natural, soothing, and hygienic spray of water with your WonderSpray. Reduce the need for toilet paper to save your wallet and the environment! 

Strong, pressurized, targeted stream for a perfect clean in just a few seconds!​ 

Perfect for at home or on-the-go. Comes with multiple pressurized water jets with 4 different settings from light to wonder mode. AND trust us, you’ve got to experience the “Wonder” mode!!!

WonderSpray is ready to take on anything you can dish out with a no-touch, focused, no-mess spray that will bring your butt to ecstasy.  Featuring a custom-built internal flow system and 4 different custom water intensities to choose from, we’ve made sure that there is the perfect setting to keep your derriere happy. 

Been burned by toilet paper before? Navigate the easy-to-use pressure buttons to the “Light” setting for a more gentle clean. Need a firmer stream when things get extra clingy? Try our fan-favorite “Wonder Mode” to get the job done.

  •  Seamlessly blends into your daily bathroom routine
  •  Works well for all ages and body sizes
  •  Comfortable and refreshing clean in just a few seconds
  •  Custom-built spray nozzle for a precise clean with no mess
  •  100% Waterproof with an Anti-Bacterial coating
  •  Mini, portable, ergonomic design that’s comfortable to hold

Position the WonderSpray behind, or in front of you to enjoy a targeted and refreshing stream of water that will quickly clean you up. It’s like a mini shower specifically designed for your butt! Our custom-built spray nozzle releases a targeted stream with minimal splash to give you the best clean without any mess. 

Hygienic, clean, and wonderful! The WonderSpray is waterproof and is specially designed with an Anti-Bacterial coating that prevents any bacteria from sticking on the nozzle head. The expertly-crafted WonderSpray is the ultimate hygiene tool! 

WonderSpray is easy to use everywhere from the most pristine potties to the dingiest truck stop restroom. Just fill the refill area on the back of the device with your preferred temperature of water from the sink and twist the anti-bacterial nozzle to the Active State. Then all you have to do is pick your desired intensity and spray yourself clean. When you’re done, twist your nozzle back to the Inactive State and your WonderSpray can now be safely placed back into your purse or bag without worry of leaking or spreading germs.

WonderSpray is portable and discreet. The WonderSpray is more slim and sleek than a bottle of water which makes it portable and discreet enough to carry around in any bag or purse. Bring your WonderSpray with you to the office, shopping, camping, or when traveling. This portable bidet is great to use in any setting! 

Add a WonderCase to your order! The WonderCase is a custom-fitted fully waterproof carrying case specifically designed for your WonderSpray. The WonderCase features a slim & sleek design, and a mini lanyard at the top so you can hang your WonderSpray wherever you go! Perfect for on-the-go, traveling, camping, and for general convenience. This beautiful case comes in 3 different colors and will be available to add to your order when you checkout. 

Not to judge, but you’re spending too much money on toilet paper and it’s not even as effective as water! Let’s talk about the paper that’s burning a hole in your pocket and possibly elsewhere.

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