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Wooask | 3-in-1 Offline Translation & Bluetooth Earbuds

Newest AI-powered for Traslation, Music and Calls. Speak confidently without the language barrier. Affordable for All.

Wooask translates over 70 different languages in real-time directly into your ears, and that is something that caught our attention.

It feels like a really premium product inside the box. The case has a sort of air pods finish to it and it’s also a similar size to the air pods case, underneath is a smaller box that houses your USB-C charging cable.


Battery life on these is around 19 hours. They offer up to 5 hours of continuous translation or playback, which is pretty good in comparison to other earphones. What you do have to remember as well is that these are working a little harder than your average pair of wireless earphones.

You also get a few different sizes of ear tips. So, you shouldn’t have any issues finding a good fit here. Another thing to mention they do have noise reduction technology paired with voice enhancement.


You’re also getting 12-millimeter ultra-thin drivers, which give you a good listening experience.

With 15 servers worldwide, the translation speed can be as rapid as half a second. Powered by 4 of the top translation engines to boost translation accuracy up to 97% in 71 languages and 56 accents.

Wooask earbuds instantly connect to your smartphone with Bluetooth 5.0. Play your favorite style of music, or conveniently switch to make phone calls. When you need translation, click APP, easily switch to the translation mode.


The translator buds are running Bluetooth, 5.0 technology, so the connection won’t be an issue here. Lastly, there are also have touch controls for pausing, music, or answering phone calls when you’re on the go.

The software is really nice and simple, really easy to get around, and very user-friendly. It also has a huge selection of languages, so there should be something for everyone here.

If you want to have a conversation with someone who uses a different language, what you can actually do with these earbuds is keep one earphone for yourself and give the other one to whoever you’re talking to, and you both are able to have a conversation in your native language.


Whenever you speak a sentence, it was almost instantaneous translation and from testing, accuracy was almost perfect every single time.

Want to say something in a meeting? Just share one of your Wooask earbuds with your partner, both of your words will be translated in real-time. Feel free to have a natural conversation with business partners from different nationalities.


It has two different modes – speaker mode and touch mode.

Touch mode is where you can share your earphones with another person, for example, the left earphone is set to English and the right is set to German.

So, if you were with another person who could speak German, you can give your right earphone to them and you can communicate via the earphones.


The app also does have some other benefits, which include a speaker mode where you can actually use your phone to do the translating for you. Also on the subject, Wooask is actually working on an offline translation feature that will work for up to nine different languages.

So, you won’t need to have your phone connected for the earbuds to translate for you, which is a really cool feature to have. They work really well in line with their claims, and if you work in the big city or you’re a frequent traveler, they’d make an excellent addition to your everyday carry.

We really like the fact that you can still use them for music with decent sound quality, and the translation features are just next generation. They are a really cool design and they could be a game-changer for everyday life.


Language barriers exist because of who we are, what we do, and where we came from.

With Wooask Translator Earbuds, you’re always beyond the language barrier.

  • E dictionaries only translate one word at a time.
  • Handheld translator distracts you from a conversation.
  • Translation apps cannot be used without a network.

Wooask Translator Earbuds is offering an innovative solution using one app in two earbuds.

  • Simultaneous translation in 71 languages and 56 accents
  • 9 languages offline translation without network
  • Play music or make phone calls with one click
  • Up to 97% translation accuracy within 1 second
  • 24 hours working time on a single charge

No Internet, no worries. Nine of the widely spoken offline languages (Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Arabic) allow you to travel in areas without a network.

Wooask earbuds are small enough to fit almost everyone. As small as a coin, this earbud weighs only 5g. To make it more comfortable and stable wearing, there’re 3 sizes of silicone ear tips that fit your ears perfectly, allows you to have fewer worries about what you use all day.

Wooask earbuds using Apple Airpods Pro same button battery, enjoy a total of 24 hours of battery life on the go. Up to 5 hours of nonstop translation time, and an extra 19 hours in the charging case—all from one charge.


With a High-quality ultra-thin loudspeaker, Wooask earbuds deliver clear and spatial audio.  No matter where you are, you will become completely immersed in whatever you are listening to and forget the earbuds.

Water resistance has your earbuds protected when you’re sweating, working out, or walking in the rain.

Wooask earbuds are IPX4-rated, meaning that they are resistant to water splashes from any direction, so you can keep listening—rain or shine.

The minimal and stylish design of the earbuds accompanies any look from casual to business. An ergonomic fit also means you barely notice the earbuds in your ears. Wooask earbuds are perfect for those who want to focus on what they’re listening to and look sleek while doing so.

Breaking the language barrier is more than just physical – it’s financial. Wooask is disrupting the market with a truly standout pair of 3-in-1 translator earbuds.

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