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Wooden World Map | The First 3D Luminous & Colored Map

Wooden World Map - The First 3D Luminous & Colored Map

3D Wooden World Map with four massive updates: 17 new colors, luminescence effect, magnetic feature, and new LED backlight!

Meet their newest Map — The First 3D Luminous Colored Wooden World Map by Enjoy The Wood — crazier than ever! It’s changing, intriguing, almost magical, incredibly bright, and beautiful. With the four massive updates, the Map becomes even more versatile and customizable, will fit any interior, and perfectly match your personality! It can do so many things: bring awesome colors to any space, hold all your memories and photos, glow in the dark, and twinkle! This Wooden World Map is ready to win the world and your heart!

Wooden World Map

The new 3D Wooden World Map means four massive updates:

17 new COLORS:

bright and muted, textured and smooth;

With their innovative printing technology, they can offer the highest resolution, incredible precision, and detail — so you can see much more on the same scale. Different colors to match your vibe

Wooden World Map


Now the Map can glow in the dark. The darker it is — the brighter it shines! The paint charges during the day and then can glow up to 2 hours at night!


The new Map holds magnets! So, you can keep the best memories nicely displayed on your wall.

Wooden World Map


The simplest and smartest way to bring LED lights to your decor: easily installed (no tools or special appliances needed, just some double-sided sticky tape) and controlled from your phone — with more new light modes & twinkling!

RGB LED (Neon colors) option, lights that can glow in 7 main modes and have a couple of funky twinkle modes. You can adjust the brightness of the light using your phone and our APP.

Wooden World Map
  • Тhe lights are behind the continents.
  • The Map has an acrylic background, place it easily on the wall.
  • Some of the smaller islands don’t have the acrylic base and backlight. You will basically have to stick them to the wall.

The installation takes under 2 hours and they have a video with instructions that will help. You will have to stick the Map to the wall with their special double-sticky tape. Everything is included.

Wooden World Map

Works with 110V/220V. EU/US electrical plugs are available.

  • With the same main features!
  • They use eco-friendly materials to handcraft their Maps (certified sustainable birch plywood)
  • The Map is fun & easy to install: in other words, takes just a couple of hours and doesn’t ruin your wall (no drilling and holes)
  • It’s the perfect travel planner & memory board
  • Comes ready to gift

In the box, you’ll find: Map pieces including ocean names, wooden planes, boats & compass, double-sided sticky tape, instruction, corner stencils, and lifetime warranty.

Wooden World Map

Available in several sizes and types

It is a meaningful decoration, not a true geographical map, though. So, some smaller islands and places may be omitted.

Perfect for plotting future adventures and engaging conversations at mealtimes. ⠀

Let’s be honest, no one can go past some nice pushpins! They’ve updated theirs and made some new magnetic and sticky ones. Everything you need to keep your best memories close!

The set includes a wooden board, where you can write the legend for your map and a set of wooden pins to mark your past, present, and future trips.

There are 40 colored pins + 8 special events pins. Create your own map by adding them to the most important places for you.

Wooden World Map

The installation is easy and fun — pure joy!

You can put the Map on your wall alone, but surely, you’ll get more fun if you choose to do this with your family or friends. You won’t need any special tools or equipment — everything you need comes in the box.

In the box, you will find the Map pieces, corner stencils, and double-sided sticky tape (already cut into pieces). Even the LED Map now can be placed on the wall with double-sided tape. No drilling and other complicated things.

Their product is 100% their own — not imported or rebranded. All the Maps by Enjoy The World are handcrafted in Ukraine at their own manufacture. Their goal is to bring the best quality they possibly can to their customers, constantly perfecting the processes and improving their products, quality, and features.

This project is an extension of what they have achieved until now.

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