WOWSTICK The Metal One-Piece Mini Electric Hand Drill
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WOWSTICK | The Metal One-Piece Mini Electric Hand Drill

Miniature & Lightweight | 8 Drill Bits | All Metal One-Piece Construction | Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery | One Button Operation

They claim that this pen is mightier than the sword, and WOWSTICK mini pen-shaped hand drill is possibly a designer’s great friend! It is the globe’s first one-piece miniature electrical hand drill for creative Do It Yourself projects, and it features super light-weight, ultra-quietness, and fantastic mobility.

WOWSTICK The Metal One-Piece Mini Electric Hand Drill

Completing your DIY tasks with the appropriate tool is very important. WOWSTICK hand drill assists drill little holes on numerous surfaces: resin, plastic, timber cardboard, paper cardboard, crafts, model making, aluminum/copper sheet, and foil, etc. WOWSTICK is the cordless lithium-ion battery-powered drill that is crated like a pen, a suitable device for DIY-ers or basically anybody else.

Say goodbye to bulky gadgets, wires, and plug-points. WOWSTICK one-piece mini hand drill with its dispatchable head allows you to complete your work by gripping up, focusing on the point, and pushing one single switch.

WOWSTICK The Metal One-Piece Mini Electric Hand Drill

The WOWSTICK drill is tiny and light, it weighs only 1.6 oz (46g) which fits right in your hand and is simple to carry anywhere, so you can take it to remote workplaces. Sized at 6.8″ * 0.6″ (172 * 13.8 mm), you can grip it like a pen for ultimate control, precision, and convenience.

It is not only an excellent tool for DIY tasks but also a fun decoration to put in your pocket or on any kind of desktop.

Every part of WOWSTICK from outside to the inside (Other than the switch and charging port) is all metal CNC machined to ensure seamless contours and consistent quality. Greatly standing apart from the standard drills in the marketplace, this piece is precisely made to accomplish more stable product performance. Their drilling spindle run-out is going beyond the industry requirements to be less than 0.1 mm, leading to high-precision drilling at the right position each time.

The WOWSTICK set has 8 drill bits made of hardening steel: 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.6 mm, 1.8 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.2 mm and it allows drilling at 420r/min ± 10%, so you can use it in numerous projects and achieve accurate results.

WOWSTICK The Metal One-Piece Mini Electric Hand Drill

The handheld device is practically created to use for various needs, allowing you to connect bits based on your projects, and the fact that the little bits are fully suitable with 2.35 mm diameter bits accessible in the market, you may drill, embellish and connect your crafts easily.

The bits can be utilized on a selection of materials: resin, plastic, wood, clay, bead, crafts, model making, aluminum/copper sheet and foil, and more.

WOWSTICK The Metal One-Piece Mini Electric Hand Drill

The WOWSTICK hand drill is ideal for DIY enthusiasts. It will certainly be a good addition to your artisan stock. It specifically suitable for those that carry out complex decorations. You can use the miniature drill for making holes, for crafts, and for more applications.

Tips for use:

  • It is suggested to pull in and out alternatively when drilling so that the residue can be brought out without getting stuck.
  • You might test it on the testing material before use. If there are no issues, you might start drilling holes in your crafts.
  • On tougher steel materials, it is suggested to start with a smaller bit and then change to a bigger one when it’s targeting a larger opening.
  • The smaller the drill bit is, the more attention must be paid. Because of its tiny size, it can easily break off if used incorrectly.
  • Note: Be careful of the operation when you are using a finer drill bit considering that it is easier to break off. You may do intricate drilling of valuable products with its one-of-a-kind reduced rate optimization.
WOWSTICK The Metal One-Piece Mini Electric Hand Drill

WOWSTICK mini drill is more than easy to operate. With just one button built at the position of your thumb when you are holding it, you may just start working with a press of the button. When a pause is needed, you may release the button.

Replacing the parts is also very simple due to the particularly designed screwless locking mechanism with no extra tool needed. Just gently rotate the chuck out, take out the drill bit, put in a new bit, and secure it. The process can be done in 10 seconds.

After the work is done, you may put on the drill cap to avoid accidents caused by unintentional button pressing.

The drill has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery so you don’t have to worry about the distance between the wall plug and workbench or troubles caused when you forget to unplug the power cord. It provides a safe, effective, clean energy, less stressful operation choice. It is cordless, customized pen-shaped made, and runs at 3.7 volts, 1.036 Wh. That stated, it can be utilized at least for one month fully charged.

WOWSTICK The Metal One-Piece Mini Electric Hand Drill

WOWSTICK mini drill is rechargeable using a USB type C charging cable. Complete charging time takes approximately 40 minutes and can be used up to 2 hrs.

WOWSTICK’s whole body is made from a lightweight aluminum alloy one-piece molding, providing the most streamlined look, comfy grip, and sturdiness and durability when in use.

The motor of the small drill has additionally been heat-treated for endurance, so it can continue to work without getting overheated for a very long time. You will never grumble regarding its high-quality design.

WOWSTICK The Metal One-Piece Mini Electric Hand Drill

WOWSTICK developers have been digging out the maximum capabilities of the pen form. From setups to real working, designers always like to use the device instantly from idea to prototype and therefore may get motivation at the fingertips.

It features a boosted ergonomic design to guarantee a comfy grip in any situation. Utilizing the lightweight aluminum alloy covering, it is ultra-compact and light, slim, and really simple to use for high precision tasks. In the end, no matter the material, you can just focus on the fun of the crafting process!

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