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Woxer BOSS Bralette | Inclusive Sizing & Sustainably Made

Woxer BOSS Bralette: Inclusive Sizing & Sustainably Made.

Comfort is non-negotiable, sustainability is non-negotiable. BOSS feels like you’re wearing nothing and fits all sizes.

Ever seemed like the females’ underwear world has gotten WAY off track? Sure, we all wish to look our best. When did it become more important to please the male gaze than our own comfort? At Woxer, they’re dealing with that with adaptable, no-wire, double-lined, pull-on bralettes you can put on all the time, on a daily basis.

In developing the BOSS Bralette, they were aiming to focus on what really matters. And learned from their Woxer community that everything comes down to comfort, inclusivity, flexibility, and sustainability.

Woxer BOSS Bralette: Inclusive Sizing & Sustainably Made.

The BOSS Bralette really feels different due to the fact that it’s actually made differently. Their source product is Tencel Modal textile – created making use of fibers made from lasting Beechwood trees. The result is a soft, comfy, sustainably made bralette that you can feel good while wearing.

Do yourself a favor: Open your bra cabinet, and empty it. The BOSS Bralette does it all for you. It transitions effortlessly in between lounging and living so you can do your work, relax, and exercise without needing to transform your bra multiple times a day.
Ever questioned why you’re using something all the time, on a daily basis that ISN’T comfy? The BOSS Bralette is made with remarkable stretch, softness, as well as breathability so you can confidently go on with your day.

Woxer BOSS Bralette: Inclusive Sizing & Sustainably Made.

Their team believes that sustainability and ethicality are 100% non-negotiable; that’s just the Woxer method. This is why their bralettes are:
Made from Tencel Modal: Tencel Modal is a type of material fiber constructed from composted beech wood. The fibers originate from the renewable raw material developed by photosynthesis and manufactured in an environmentally-responsible manufacturing process.

Modal production provides around 80% less greenhouse gas emissions!
Biodegradable: Modal fiber has actually been licensed as eco-friendly and compostable under commercial, home, dirt, and marine conditions – that indicates it can totally revert back to nature!

Sweatshop- Free and also Child Labor- Free: BOSS Bralettes will be made in two manufacturing facilities: One in Peru, where all employees get on the pay-roll, treated with respect, and paid fairly; and one in Sri Lanka, which is investigated by a third party and also visited regularly by their team.

Woxer BOSS Bralette: Inclusive Sizing & Sustainably Made.

If you’re not a size zero, that’s fine – yet it’s alright if you are, too! Part of their goal of empowerment suggests making BOSS Bralettes for ALL human beings.
Did you understand that your apparel can have toxic substances that are hazardous to your health and wellness? As well as when you use undies constructed of plastics (like polyamide, nylon, and polyester), you’re capturing in heat and žmoisture, which can breed yeast infections. That’s why they’re making BOSS Bralettes from normally derived products that are secure for prolonged fabric-to-skin contact as well as ultra-breathable.

Many of the most prevalent underwear brand names – like Victoria’s Secret, Aerie, and Adore Me – were founded by males. Which explains a lot of the sexualized images these brand names focus on. At Woxer, they do things in different ways. Their all-women team knows exactly what it feels like to wear an unpleasant bra for an eight-hour change, and they’ve personally checked model after model to locate the ideal solution. Their Woxer family has actually discovered they can trust them to deliver.
So, who are BOSS Bralettes for? They’re for you if:

  • You want one bra that is good for any situation
  • Earth positivity and inclusivity are objectives you can support
  • You’re done with uncomfortable bras
  • You have a problem finding bras that fit your type of body
Woxer BOSS Bralette: Inclusive Sizing & Sustainably Made.

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