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X-BOAT PRO | Open-Casing TWS&LDAC Earphones

x-boat pro

I’m back!

My personal “winner of the day” are these headphones, buds, or whatever U like to call them!

Never liked those big headphones (What about U?), although they are extremely popular nowadays.

Well, let’s have a look at these beauties…

These are not the ordinary earphones!


Designed from the future, but aren’t simply limited by looks. The open-casing that makes wearing the earphone in simply 1 second! Providing the half-in-ear design yet energetic sound cancellation, the LDAC codec that plays CD-level quality… All of that right into your ear. And finally, the mix of space aluminum material as well as Anti-Glare glass.

Futuristic design

All of those marvels fit into small and streamlined-shaped TWS earphones! They incorporate innovative design, sublime comfort, as well as incomparable audio performance. This is what makes X-BOAT PRO rather different from various other TWS earphones.

Not only did they need to get the shape right, yet also they should adjust the sizing of earphones. Both for charging bay as well as ear fitting.

Popping the hood is normal for earphones. But why bother with that?

With an open-casing design, they removed the drop-top hood. Taking the headphone is just a slide away instead of clumsy case-opening. Enjoying your favorite song is just one slide-to-unlock away.

With a single-hand operation mechanism, you can wear earphones with ease in any kind of busy-hand situation.

easy to put on X-BOAT PRO

Easy to use does not mean simply to drop. With integrated magnets, the earphones stay light but firm in their case. Either light tipping or 180° flipping!

With the open-casing style, you will never need to put yourself on hold to check out if you are bringing both earphones. Everything remains in a glance.

Flipping X-BOAT PRO

“Half-in-ear” X-BOAT PRO

It’s so simple to find ANC earphones these days. Especially those full-in-ear ones. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with such a design, except when you wear them on for a long time. The shape begins to block the ear canal, adding unneeded pressure, or even pain. They took a harder yet different strategy. It’s the half-in-ear solution.


X-BOAT PRO integrates one of the most innovative ANC algorithms and also large drivers. The goal was to bring you a new paying attention experience from the true cordless sound. This suggests you can hear much less background noise while listening to what you want.

earphone X-BOAT PRO

The earphones are ergonomically molded to exactly fit your ear. It’s 3.9 g each, and being so lightweight means also comfier using experience! Even after long hrs of use.

Why X-BOAT PRO can deliver CD quality?

The typical codec for earphones is the SBC codec, with which the max. sample bit-rate is still lossy 320 Kbps. With LDAC, your Bluetooth audio device can now transfer as much as 3x the data consistently compared to SBC! This means you can enjoy non-stop 100% CD audio quality on your X-BOAT PRO.


The large 13 mm LCP driver inside each earphone delivers bass you always wanted to hear!

And also, the Integrated Class AB Hi-Fi amplifier can bring optimal audio performance and also power effectiveness.

The charging case of X-BOAT PRO

Design, leather and aluminum phone and X-BOAT PRO

First of all, it’s built from the same material as the phone! That means, at the first touch, you can feel the difference from other TWS earphones.

With CNC, they managed to carve the shape out as one piece of metal, with no gaps, pure elegance… The Anti-glare Glass processing includes one extra layer above all. It leaves no fingerprints, only countless colors under the sun.

green X-BOAT PRO

The design of XBOAT PRO chased their dream for such elegance with its distinct earphone holster structure. Not forgetting to mention – 100% stream-lined shape. The charging bay of Xboat is mostly covered in aluminum. 5-axis CNC matches to perfectly mimic the form of nature, while the ever-glowing color flying via your eyes. What a great challenge in design!They come in 3 different colors, whatever fits your lifestyle!

green X-BOAT PRO
silver X-BOAT PRO
black X-BOAT PRO

X-BOAT PRO’s battery lives forever!

With an integrated Airoha 5.2 chip, X-BOAT PRO can adapt smarter power management throughout the playing. His ability to achieve a 40-hour playback time is magnificent! Even if you have an urge to charge it more frequently, you do not have to. What freedom!

lifestyle , laptop, coffe and headphones

Plus, You can connect the X-BOAT PRO to your phone (Type-C port) for a quick charge. Connect the headphones for simply 20 minutes, and you bought an extra 5 hours for your  X-BOAT PRO to run.

With long battery life, you can bring X-BOAT PRO anywhere with you. Forget running out of juice!

active noise cancelling


 When talking of top top-quality, they managed to level up the game! By choosing LCP dynamic driver as opposed to a titanium diaphragm driver they were able to get better sound quality! Later, they connected with SONY authorities for a product review. They permitted them to apply the LDAC codecs to X-boat Pro for its general performance.

design, X-BOAT PRO and camera

The outcome of all the initiatives costs even more to make the product. However, offers a far better customer experience and satisfied customers. Their vision is to build a set of amazing earphones with supreme songs efficiency! But also, looking excellent when placing it on.

futuristic design

The Anti-glare glass

With its PET filming cast delivers a magical comparison in between itself and also the shining body. Some kind of a mixture of the sci-fi past industrial design with futuristic minimalism. In addition to visual language, they also made a lot of effort in making a perfect front chamber. When it comes to the earphone, they picked vacuum plating + skin-like coating to make it feel classy, look sharp, yet maintain stealthy when being used.

x-boat pro

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