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X-Kit | World’s First Ergonomic Foldable Hub-Stand

X-Kit: World's First Ergonomic Foldable Hub-Stand

5-in-1 USB-C Hub | 4 Adjustable Angles | 4K HDMI | USB 3.0 | SD & TF | Work Different with UGREEN

The X-Kit is the combination of a powerful 5-in-1 USB hub that connects to all the devices you need to boost productivity and an ultra-lightweight ergonomic laptop/tablet stand with four adjustable angles designed for maximum mobility.

It all started with their product designer when he began #WFH this year. Beyond the great opportunities, like many of us, he found challenges in building a healthy and productive workplace at home.

X-Kit: World's First Ergonomic Foldable Hub-Stand

Most modern laptops today aren’t equipped with enough ports to support all the supplementary devices we need to replicate a comprehensive “second office.” Fear of insufficient ports and an unhealthy work posture was his motivation for creating the perfect work-at-home essential.

Several factors can affect your work productivity, such as improper posture, excessive movements, forces, pressure points, static loads, and much more. With the UGREEN X-Kit, you can personalize your workspace and create an atmosphere tailored to your physical needs and increase productivity.

The UGREEN X-Kit integrates all the necessary ports for easier connections to all your devices for a high-performance workstation at home. Working from home is now more convenient than ever before.

The 5-in-1 USB-C hub functionality provides 2*USB-A 3.0 ports, 1* 4K 3D HDMI port, 1*SD and 1*TF card reader, and 1*USB-C data delivery to connect your laptop or tablet with the X-Kit.

X-Kit: World's First Ergonomic Foldable Hub-Stand

You can quickly transfer files, photos, and videos from your phone, memory cards, and hard drives while connecting to external devices such as the keyboard, mouse, or graphic tablet simultaneously, without a mess.

Sitting all day is harmful to your health, but we will always find a better solution when this has already covered most of the working time.

Find your best ergonomic posture with 4 adjustable angles whether you want to read, type, take notes, draw, or use external keyboards with laptops and tablets. The X-Kit provides optimal comfort without the fatigue of your neck, arms, wrists, or eyes.

Enjoy a high-quality display with the X-Kit’s ultra-high-definition HDMI port with 3D support—no image tearing, stuttering, or jerkiness, as well as fine audio and display synchronization.

Present your proud project and presentations, or share your favorite movies in exceptional quality with low latency. Use it at home, at conferences, or even during outdoor activities.

X-Kit: World's First Ergonomic Foldable Hub-Stand

Transferring a 1GB movie in 5 seconds? Copying images from a 32GB memory card in 5 minutes? With the high-speed transmission of up to 5Gbps from the two USB-A 3.0 ports and 104 MB/s from the SD/TF card slots, the X-Kit nailed it.

Open and fold-up in a split second; you can set up your office space anytime, anywhere with the X-Kit. 

Empowered by optimal design and materials, no more worries about the overheating issue of your USB hub.  

The lab temperature rise test shows that after 2 hours of full-load working, the maximum product surface temperature is about 41.9℃ (107.42℉) and 10℃ (50℉) lower than the average hubs on the market.

By going through thousands of plug tests for all ports, and temperature tests from cold to hot procedures, the X-Kit will be your ultra-reliable and durable companion in various environments.

X-Kit: World's First Ergonomic Foldable Hub-Stand

The X-Kit perfectly supports all your USB-C based devices, from the latest MacBook lineup and iPads to all the flagship Android and Windows-based tablets. For size compatibility, it fits all laptops from 11”-17” in size 3

Driving productivity to the fullest, the X-Kit is far more than just your average laptop stand or a simple USB-C hub. It is a combination of work, health, and creativity in life.

The silky-touch sandblasting-oxidation processed surface, slip, and crush-proof silicone bands gently embrace the practical aesthetics that flows in our veins.

From the product materials to its packaging, the X-Kit is fully recyclable with RoHS compliance. Additionally, it saves energy by lowering power consumption than a 1W LED lamp with a working HDMI port (≈333mA).

Expect 11 hours of playtime on a MacBook with keyboard and mouse set connected; 17% longer than an average USB hub.

Say goodbye to insufficient ports, office syndrome, unstable connections, messy home office set up… 

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