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xTool M1 | Mini but Powerful Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutter

xTool M1 - Mini but Powerful Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutter

The Versatile Desktop Cutter and Engraver for Everyone – Innovative | Powerful | Easy to Use | Affordable

Get crafty with xTool M1! The perfect mini laser and blade cutter you can use anywhere anytime. It’s compact and practical, but also very effective and versatile. Their campaign is trending on Kickstarter so, don’t miss the opportunity to get it for the special price today!

Introducing The First Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutting Machine

With both laser and blade heads, xTool M1 integrates Laser Engraving, Laser Cutting, and Blade Cutting into one, allowing you to do way more with a super wide range of materials to meet all of your needs of creation.

xTool M1 - Mini but Powerful Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutter

They keep updating the material testing report to let you know the cutting and engraving ability of xTool M1 for different materials.

xTool M1 - Mini but Powerful Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutter

Normally, a laser cutter can perform very well on many materials such as wood, metal, and glass. However, for some soft materials such as vinyl, which can be used for DIY T-shirts, sign making, logos, and more, a blade cutter is preferable to avoid the burnt edge, discoloration, and toxic fumes generated by laser cutting.

xTool M1 - Mini but Powerful Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutter

Compressed Spot Technology

Moreover, they utilized a FAC lens to make the laser spot smaller, from 0.15×0.18mm to 0.08×0.08mm, making the same power focused on a small point to achieve a higher engraving precision.

xTool M1 - Mini but Powerful Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutter

FAC Lens

  • 0.15 x 0.18mm
  • Ultra-fine 0.01mm Engraving Precision
  • Engraving on Black Anodized Aluminum*
  • Dual Laser Technology*
  • They combine two diode lasers into one module, directing two laser beams into one spot, to achieve a higher laser cutting ability.
  • 8mm Cutting Capability**

*Only on xTool M1-10W.

**xTool Ml-low can cut basswood up to 8mm in one pass.

xTool M1 - Mini but Powerful Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutter

With xTool M1 which has both the laser and blade heads, you don’t have to waver between a laser cutter or a blade cutter (or breaking the bank to buy both).

In other words, your ideas can be realized on just one machine.

To achieve adequately strong laser cutting and engraving power at an affordable price, they chose a diode laser instead of a CO2 laser.

16 MP Smart Camera

Equipped with a 16MP high-resolution camera inside, xTool Ml can realize visual processing and smooth operation.

For xTool official materials, xTool M1 software auto-recognizes materials and recommends default parameters for cutting and engraving accordingly.

Numbers of digital design files for you to download.

Multiple project cases with detailed instructions including digital design files, step-by-step instructions, materials checklists, and parameter settings.

The Rotary Attachment unlocks 360° engraving for cylindrical objects from 3mm to 70mm in diameter (with the raisers provided), with which you can customize a wide range of cylindrical materials.

*If you keep raising the machine, you can engrave objects in a larger diameter.

Strong Compatibility for Wide Use

88 4 Types of Compatible Devices Support working on Windows/macOS/ Android / iOS devices.

2 Connection Modes Use WI-FI and USB to connect software and the machine.

xTool M1 - Mini but Powerful Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutter

A 7 Languages Available Support multi-language including English, Chinese, Italian, Russian and more.

10+ Files Supported Work seamlessly with.dxf, .tif, svg,.jpg, etc. directly exported from common design software.

Ventilation System

xTool M1 - Mini but Powerful Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutter

You can use your ml near a window with the exhaust pipe and built-in exhaust fan to discharge smoke.

Currently, due to worldwide supply chain issues, shipping prices are heavily inflated. To ensure you get the best possible rate, they will charge the shipping fee AFTER the campaign, closer to the shipping date.

xTool M1 - Mini but Powerful Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutter


The safety class of xTool M1 is Class I (FDA Certified). They are on track to receive FDA/FCC/CE-LVD/EMC certifications before March 2022, which are necessary for delivering their products to the US, EU, and most areas in the world.

xTool M1 - Mini but Powerful Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutter
Mini but Powerful Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutter what's in the box

Makeblock got its humble beginnings eight years ago. They launched our first project on Kickstarter, and thanks to the amazing Kickstarter community and their backers, they’ve been able to grow their business to where it is today – a company with over 300 employees…

From “one robot per child”, their mission never altered. They continue to empower kids to enjoy the fun of creating.

This time around, with xTool M1, they want to bring powerful tools to everyone who enjoys doing things themselves.

This first-of-its-kind machine is low-barrier, compact, and affordable.

The most important thing is not that they’re presenting the world’s first desktop hybrid laser & blade cutter and engraver, but that they always aimed to impress their backers with their products.

What is xTool?

xTool is part of Makeblock, a world-renowned coding robot manufacturer & education solution provider. Their brand’s story started with a lot of love and a little inspiration. The brand concept of xTool was born in 2018 and they launched the first xTool LaserBox in 2019. From there, their mission has been to help people turn their creativity into reality and have fun doing it!


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