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Yeelock | Fingerprint Disc Brake Lock


Planning a long journey or simply walking around the block?

Either way, you may be concerned. Your motorcycle or bike might be stolen when parked. When parking outdoors, a disc brake lock system can guarantee your bicycle/motorcycle stays safe. So it is tough for thieves to get it.

bycycle theft

Introducing Yeelock, an anti-theft disc brake lock, with fingerprint + key double unlock

Wow, it offers so much easier way of transport! While IPX7 waterproof gives fantastic longevity. It’s lightweight, adaptable, and also easy to use. This is the optimal lock for urban-style cyclists!

waterproof ipx7 yeelock

There’s absolutely nothing like hitting the open roadway on a motorbike. Particularly when the conditions are at their peak. But, how do you protect your motorcycle from the actual threat?  Burglary is something that calls for prompt execution. Or else, your pleasure will be stolen too…

Standard bicycle/motorcycle locks often can be clumsy

In some scenarios, you are just frustrated with finding the key to unlock. Yeelock is a truly portable disc brake lock. It fits right in your palm and won’t take much space! Simply put it in the pocket for carrying on the road.

press to lock yeelock

It is compatible with the Fingerprint + Secret twin unlock options.

Don’t worry, it preserves the standard method to unlock with a key. Easily it can be unlocked in 0.3 seconds using your fingerprint. It provides true ease using fingerprint encryption technology.

fingerprint and key unlock yeelock

Yeelock memorizes up to 16 fingerprints. No application is required to manage the fingerprint option. The procedure is so simple. There is one host fingerprint and also 15 “guests” fingerprints.

All 16 fingerprints can be handled and used directly in the disc brake lock. As well as to unlock.

The fingerprint base utilizes a semiconductor fingerprint sensor.

This gives you a high level of safety.  The fingerprint recognition is rated for 97% accuracy.

options of yeelock

Their design idea is all about efficiency, as well as practicality. In the digital era, comfort is crucial.

Here comes Yeelock, bringing you a truly fast lock and unlock experience.

With a single press, your bike can be locked with a recognizable sound. This innovation brings you a brand-new experience, totally different from typical items.

fingerprint unlock

Available with 74 * 50 * 33 mm dimensions, the Yeelock disc brake lock is as lightweight as 230 grams. Made from alloy, it has one of the most compact and the toughness structures. Firm enough to combat theft and all-weather resistance.

The lock can withstand direct exposure to a variety of weather conditions.

Additionally, it functions well in all temperature levels. Ranging from -20 ℃(-4 ° F) to 85 ℃ (185 ° F). Meaning, you have no concerns even in the toughest winter! It’s built with 2 pieces of coin-type lithium manganese dioxide (Li-MnO2) batteries. Basically, its working time is all-year. Simply replace them with 2x CR2032 cell batteries when old ones run out.

This battery type (Li-MnO2) used in Yeelock is what makes it different from others. It uses the advantages of:

  • high energy density
  • long-term dependability
  • stable discharge capacity
  • high temperature tolerance

It substantially contributes to the small size and also the durable performance.

Made from zinc alloy, Yeelock is durable

Along with tear and also wear-resistant, it doesn’t rust or corrode. This guarantees its durable performance. That way making it an excellent assistant! You just need to have disc brakes.

style yeelock

It has a flip cover to block dirt for better security. The LED indicator makes it possible to reveal fingerprints. Also, recording status and remaining power.

Yeelock features a 1.2 m silicone-covered steel cable.

This reminds you to eliminate the disc lock and prevent possible damage. That way avoid riding away while the disc lock is engaged. Secure your bike to an immovable object or lock multiple bikes up!

parts of xeelock

The lock holder can be mounted on round objects. With a range of size of 18-25 mm, such as bicycle handlebars.

The Yeelock team


They have been included in the development of numerous smart locks. It’s time to overturn the conventional design and also functionality. They incorporated Bluetooth, fingerprint, and others to develop clever locks. From the design phase to r & d, their team always concentrates on details. For each and every product. They will constantly comply with bringing product ideas to life. As well as unstoppably discover the possibilities of all types of locks.


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