Yesfettle: Your Fitness-Oriented Foot Massage Platform
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Yesfettle | Your Fitness-Oriented Foot Massage Platform

A Reflexology-Based Massage Mat For Foot Relief And Recovery. Graphene Warmer, Weighing Scale, Sports Accessories All In One Base.

It is time to introduce Yesfettle, a foot massage platform with a variety of fitness functions. Fitness and massage are working together in a single compact unit in a groundbreaking design. Your feet will be stimulated and rejuvenated by its reflexology-based massage surfaces. While the well-matched accessories let you complete a full-body workout without leaving your house.

Yesfettle Foot Massage Platform

Life is much more enjoyable and carefree when your feet feel the love. Your feet are similar to the tree roots. Healthy roots are the key to healthy and structurally sound trees.  Hence, they believe your feet deserve the same kind of tender, loving care as the rest of your body.

Yesfettle Foot Massage Platform

The design is inspired by the diverse living forms seen in nature and strives to strike a balance between a vibrant aesthetic and ergonomic characteristics. It is made of high-quality TPR materials and features a long-lasting structure and elasticity resilience to maintain its shape and integrity during regular use. If you have sore or fatigued feet, do yourself a favor and spend only a few minutes each day using Yesfettle to deliver the greatest relief for your feet!

The positive influence of foot massage and heating has been scientifically proven for years.

Yesfettle Foot Massage Platform

When you stand on Yesfettle:

  • The application of gentle pressure from Yesfettle’s uneven surfaces releases tension that tends to store up in the feet.
  • It helps wake up tired feet.
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation.
  • It enhances physical and mental relaxation.
Yesfettle Foot Massage Platform

Your lives have become structured in a way that makes it easy to not move; you sit in cars, you sit at desks, and you sit on the sofa at night to unwind. You take elevators to avoid a flight or two of stairs. During a prolonged sitting, your metabolism slows by 90%, blood pools in your legs, and the muscles of your lower body are paralyzed. Many health problems can result from long periods of sitting at work. Your body is here for movement!

You really can start making changes by performing these gentle, non-sweaty exercises on the massage surface, such as standing, pacing, and stretching. Increase your range of motion and strength for lifelong health and vitality.

Yesfettle Foot Massage Platform

No matter what movement you choose, the more you move, the better your body will function and the better you will feel.

Balance gets worse with age. No matter your fitness lever, adding balance training to your daily or weekly fitness routine will be hugely beneficial.  For those looking for maximum benefit, you can use these massage&balance beams barefoot to really get your feet working. Exercises on these beams can increase the range of motion. Strengthening and stimulating your feet might help mitigate injury risk.

Yesfettle Foot Massage Platform

The Rock Garden kit satisfies the majority of people’s daily foot care requirements. It is softer and more comfortable to stand on due to its high tensile strength and elasticity resilience.

The massage surfaces on The Ocean Floor are sharply carved with 3D texture. Walking on it can improve the microcirculation of the feet, resulting in a more irritative effect on the nerve ends and a more propitiatory effect on the spirit.

The most difficult terrain is The Live Desert. Standing on the cactus may result in a painful sensation similar to that of standing on a shiatsu board. This pain, however, will eventually fade as your tolerance grows. These robust cacti have enough natural strength to stimulate your muscles and revitalize your feet.

Yesfettle Foot Massage Platform

Each Yesfettle purchased includes two individually designed massage balls that serve a variety of purposes.

Playing with this smooth ball can help you achieve greater flexibility in your toes while rolling another spiky ball under your foot will immediately stimulate the sole of your foot and help you release muscle tension in a matter of minutes. They both promote leg movement and assist users in developing good focus habits on the task at hand.

Yesfettle Foot Massage Platform

They tested a variety of materials during the development phase, including PU, but their beta testers were concerned about its wear resistance and a slight odor. Eventually settled on TPR for the soft massage mat and high-density ABS for the workout platform, both of which are recyclable and reusable. It does not affect the quality, but it makes Yesfettle more environmentally friendly.

Yesfettle Foot Massage Platform

Heat is yet another advantage that Yesfettle has that other massage devices do not. Heat has been shown to hasten natural recovery and alleviate pain. The Yesfettle platform includes a foot warmer to meet the physiological requirements of heating comfort. When graphene heats up, it emits far-infrared rays, which transfer heat energy to deeper parts of the human body. As a result, it helps to alleviate pain and sore muscles, improve blood circulation, reduce muscle spasms, and contribute to your holistic health.

A weight scale is a must-have item in any modern home.

Yesfettle Foot Massage Platform

Yesfettle’s built-in digital scale (free to choose lb or kg mode) makes it easy to keep track of your daily weight. The scale is manually operated, and you have complete control over whether it is turned on or off.

The platform can support up to 400 lbs/180 kg. Available in two colors matte black and platinum grey. Choose your preferred color in the survey after the campaign ends.

The three-in-one workout base is the pinnacle of practicability. It was thoughtfully designed to simulate all of the bulky gym equipment and machines and combine them into a single comprehensive workout concept. It includes a variety of functions such as push-ups, sit-ups, squats, Pilates, and more that can help you burn calories and stay in shape without leaving your house.

Yesfettle Foot Massage Platform

With 20+ combo positions, the color-coded push-up base targets specific muscles (chest, shoulders, back, triceps) and promotes proper form, which can develop your major and minor muscle groups with the perfect fitness solution. It also enables fitness practitioners to create more training combinations.

Foot Massage Platform

Whether you are a man or a woman, whether you are just starting on your fitness journey or a seasoned pro, this easy-to-follow mode will suit you perfectly and encourage you to stick to the end.

Using digital counting, you can easily keep track of how many push-ups you have done and for how long, which can serve as motivation to help you meet daily goals.

Foot Massage Platform

The back is non-slip design and resistant to wear. The sit-up bar is constructed of durable material, and the soft foam material wrapped around the handle enhances your grip. The entire device is really simple to install and operate. Now you can work out wherever you want, any time you please, and in any outfit you want.

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