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Zense | World’s 1st Soul Therapist Smart Ambiance Lamp

Smart Ambiance Lamp with Music to Make Your Day. A Magical Mood Trigger to Soothe Your Mind

Zense is a state of mind for everyone. To simply feel connected to the positive energy that influences you physically and mentally. It’s a hard task to maintain a state of mind and with Zense you get to wake up and go home to relaxed energy.


Momex makes Zense. 150 pieces of led colors are controlled by MCU algorithm and the direction of light made for your pleasure. With overcurrent protection, you can freely use it without worrying about overheating. As simple as one push to start and operate consistently. It can be used as a powerful tool to practice color therapy by simply using colors to adjust your body vibrations. That results in health and harmony. It puts you to sleep and wakes you up gently with this sleep and snooze mode.


You can customize your liking to what fits you and your health best. Supports telephone, playlist, sonos, and Bluetooth. Zense is smart. You can control and connect it to your phone through the Momex.

Zense takes care of you all night long.

A single tap enables Night Light Mode, which gives you just enough light to accommodate moving around your room or late-night trips to the bathroom. It also keeps your Qi-enabled phone charged and ready for the day. With both a 15W wireless charging pad built-in & a 5W USB Type-C output for other mobile devices. Rest easy and wake up fully recharged.


Zense is a useful home companion. It creates just the right lighting for any room and keeps you informed with weather & time displayed on a 3.5-inch LED screen so you are ready for your day. When connects to your smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Tmall Genie, you can use voice commands to control alarms, set modes, or switch between preset ambient lights. Zense is always there as a reliable home helper.


Zense calms and relaxes and has a stunning visual aesthetic.

Its arched design perfectly complements its colorful lighting effects and becomes a beacon of shining light in any setting that draws attention with mesmerizing beauty.

When you want to enjoy your home’s outdoor space with family or a trip to the park, Zense can travel with you. It’s compact and lightweight at only 700g and can be powered by USB Type-C input, making great lighting for camping in the evening or setting the mood for outdoor dining in the backyard.


Smart App is always ready to help you anywhere. You go a companion to you in yoga, color therapy, meditation, and always on your bed stand. Have a great and peaceful morning every day with Zense!

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