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ZERA | Ceramic Wireless Charging Shaver


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Are you fed up with having to buy cartridges for your razor? Well, ceramic blades can maintain your blades clean and rust-free. Even for several years. ZERA will certainly get rid of every hair from the root. Thin stainless steel foil with cordless charging provides a quick recharge anytime!

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Ceramic Blades

Ceramic blades are chemically inert and more bacteria-resistant than steel blades. When it comes to steel, rust is a big obstacle. With Ceramic blades, you can make sure that they will last much longer! As well as remain sharp for a very long time.

ceramic blades

Ceramic blades became popular in everyday usage. Whether in the kitchen as cooking blades and cutters, but also in a lot of medical equipment. All that is due to its superior physical as well as chemical qualities. Sharp-edged lasts a long time, as well as calls for virtually no maintenance.

Wireless charging

ZERA has wireless charging implying you just need to position your razor on the top. There is no need to plug it in every single time. Likewise, you can charge your other wireless electronic devices. The ZERA wireless battery charger works with all Qi-enabled charging electronic devices. Meaning, allows you to charge a few of your smart devices.

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A USB-A wire enables you to charge ZERA from a laptop computer, power bank… Also, it includes its very own wireless charging innovation, which is called the swift. The swift is created to be utilized at the end of a difficult day!

It permits you to fast-charge both your ZERA and your other gadgets. Fills batteries at the speed of light. ZERA electric shaver will constantly run for 60 mins on one single full charge. Each shave just takes about 1-2 minutes. Fulfill your demand to shave at least 20-30 times. This is convenient for longer traveling.

Clean Shave

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ZERA provides a closer and more comfy secure cut. Boosted with the 6800 RPM motor speed, which is 2 times that of usual electrical shavers It can give you a precise and also much safer cut. cleanest cut and reliable hair elimination is ZERA’S main goal.

Travel Lock

3 seconds button push

To enter the Travel Lock Setting, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. This stops ZERA from incorrectly turning on and maintaining it secure in your bag. To quit this mode, simply press and hold the power switch again for three secs. You do not have to stress over it starting by itself in your pocket or bag with this function.

Mobile ZERA

It is the size of a salt bottle! It can actually be carried anywhere, literally in your denim pocket.

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ZERA’s minimalistic style offers the best shaving experience. Also, it has the lightest profile possible. They additionally really feel that a skilled electric razor should be prepared to do their job at all times. Nobody intends to bring a large electrical razor on a trip due to the fact that it is way too cumbersome and tough to carry. ZERA is little enough to clean your beard whenever you pick!

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IPX7 Waterproof

Just turn off the blade foil as well as wash it under the tap. Due to the fact that ZERA is IPX7 water-proof you are calm.

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To safeguard the three-way ceramic blade and also parts inside, we utilized top-quality aluminum for the body. The product is shaped and afterward designed to make it water-resistant. Also, You don’t have to clean it after each use. Which is precisely how electric razors should be.

small brus

It’s so easy to clean. You can just use the brush included. It’s in the package, ready to cleanse that tiny stubble stuck in the blade.

Chemically inert

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Ceramic blades are much more immune to dangerous chemicals than steel blades. Ceramics never wears away, unlike steel. So, there is no need for a protective finishing to stop corrosion. To keep the blade clean, merely run it under water after each use. Metal allergies are common, but you don’t have to worry with the ZERA.

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The foil

The steel mesh that slides on your face is thicker than 0.20 mm. ZERA’s stainless steel foil is only 0.01 mm thick. All in all, the slimmer the foil, the smoother the shave. The ZERA offers you a better, more enjoyable shave while the aluminum foil secures you from cuts.

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In addition, it can deliver a quick and smooth cut thanks to its 6800 RPM lightning motor. It is 2 times faster than other electric shavers!


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