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AquaShield | The smart device for hydroponics and aquaponics


AquaShield is the Smart Home System for your Indoor Farm or Greenhouse

In 2018 they launched their first product on Kickstarter and it was an instant success. Since then they shipped 50 AquaShield units worldwide and received a ton of feedback from their backers. Based on these, they improved almost every part of it.


They’re working on a smart monitoring device for hydroponics and aquaponics. It gives you a peace of mind, automates all workflows and provides you higher yields without any worries.

In the past 12 months, they have built a smart monitoring and controlling device that unlocks your hydroponic or aquaponic system’s full potential. They are proud to introduce you, the AquaShield, 2.0. It tracks all important environmental parameters.

AquaShield is a smart home system for your greenhouse or indoor farm.


It tracks all important environmental parameters like PH, EC, temperature, humidity, light intensity, VPD, dew point, and much more. With AquaShield, you can automate your hydroponic or aquaponic system: you can control grow lights, pumps, valves, or any other active component. The device is capable to connect to the internet, so you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Produce high-quality crops using automation. It helps you to save time, reduce cost and work more efficiently. It can control 8 devices (grow lights, pumps, fans, etc.) simultaneously.


AquaShield 2.0 can also host PWM (pulse width modulation) enabled dosing pumps, LED grow lights, servos and much more.

For an easier use, they also developed our own dosing pumps, that can easily control your PH (use PH+ or PH-) or maintain the optimal EC by adding nutrients based on the AquaShield’s EC readings.

The in-house developed software tracks all sensors real-time, stores all data and alerts you if needed.

  • Monitoring features of the AquaShield Connect: sensors, graphs, and calibration
  • Controlling features of the AquaShield Connect: activate relays and dosing pump setup
  • Automation with the AquaShield Connect: Time and sensor-based workflows and alerting features

AquaShield 2.0 is commercially ready, but they need your help to ramp up production.

AquaShield has 9 different PCB boards that only could be manufactured economically if we order in larger quantities. With larger order quantities we can also negotiate better prices for the housing and sensors, so they will have more money to spend on the further development of the device and the software.


So, you don’t have to spend your Sunday checking the pH levels by hand. With AquaShield you can automate your hydroponic or aquaponic system. You can control, grow lights, pump valves, or any other active component.

If something goes wrong, you will get an alert to your phone. Their device is capable to connect to the Internet, so you can access your AquaShield anytime anywhere. It helps you to optimize growth and stores all collected data, so you can analyze your system in such a way it wasn’t possible before.


They designed AquaShield as a modular system, so you can add new modules once your garden is growing. The next generation of AquaShield will take your hydroponics or aquaponics sanctuary to the next level.

It will give you a peace of mind, save time and provide you higher yields without worries.


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