Bobot | World’s Cleanest Vacuum with Wet Wash & UV

Bobot: World's Cleanest Vacuum with Wet Wash & UV

5-in-1 Multi-Surface Vacuum Cleaner | 8K PA Suction Power| Cordless | Lightweight | UV Disinfection

When you’ve been at the forefront of floor cleaning for 140 years, you notice one thing, floor trends may change yet the requirement for outstanding cleaning solutions does not. Timber, laminate, carpeting, stone, vinyl, they established very effective home appliances for every sort of flooring. This is why they have several patents for both wet and dry cleaning technologies. As well as spot-on, hygienically clean floors, every BOBOT floor provides excellent assurance.

Bobot: World's Cleanest Vacuum with Wet Wash & UV

Bobot Deep is not just a simple vacuum cleaner. It vacuums, washes, sponges, UV disinfects, and assists in completely dry floors done in one simple step with no cords or cables to hold you back. Bobot Deep gets rid of sticky spills, animal disposal, and persistent messes all in one.

Begin your all in one cleaning experience today with Bobot Deep. Compared to conventional dry vacuum cleaners and robots, Bobot Deep conserves a significant amount of trouble in cleaning sticky spots on the floor from ketchup, jam, grains, even dried out coffee spots.

Bobot Deep is designed to securely operate on all flooring types including tile, sealed wood floors, laminate, linoleum, rubber floor mats, pressed wood floorings, area rugs, and a lot more.

Stop worrying about wires and cords with Bobot Deep’s wireless cleansing experience & rechargeable battery with 30 minutes of high-power charge. While charging, Bobot has a self-cleaning attribute.

Bobot Deep is the first of its kind with a high-power UV germicidal light that decontaminates floors and surface areas to kill germs, bacteria, and any disease at the root.

Bobot: World's Cleanest Vacuum with Wet Wash & UV

Simply sit back and relax after the cleaning and let Bobot Deep clean itself on the charging base. All you need to do is just push one button and Bobot Deep will automatically self-clean the brush roller as well as the air duct. No requirement to get your hands dirty.

Compared to others on the market, Bobot Deep has 142% stronger suction power, 18% faster-rotating speed, and also 28% lower sound level that might help customers enhance efficiency by 30%, save 30% of the time, and conserve 50% of water.

Bobot Deep separates clean and filthy fluids, also the containers are separate to maintain the cleaning solution separate from the dirty water to make sure that you will constantly wash your floorings with a clean and fresh mix of formula or just clean water.

Bobot Deep has a twin storage tank design inside the filthy storage tank to assist you to separate the solid and fluid wastes in the dirty storage tank to make it much easier for you to deal with large debris from fluid to prevent sink from clogging and clear the waste.

Bobot: World's Cleanest Vacuum with Wet Wash & UV

Featured with the cutting-edge noise reduction modern technology in the field, Bobot Deep grants you worry-free during cleaning as well as of the fear of disturbing others in the other rooms.

Bobot Deep goes a step further than just vacuum the damp messes by washing your floors with our unique mix of fresh cleansing formula. The dirty tank separates pet hair and other large debris from the fluid as well.

Activate your Bobot Deep just by pressing of a button and simply let Bobot do the work. And it will automatically stop when you push the switch once again.

There are constantly spots that are hard to reach, especially those dried and sticky spills on the flooring. With Bobot Deep, you can always obtain control increasing the water result volume for those sticky stains, and just get the job done.

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