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BOX | First Free-Forever Cloud Storage

Hello and look at this one! Box by Functionland makes YOU the proprietor of your room in the cloud!
With cloud computing, we gained a lot. 

box in 3d
  • real-time cooperation,
  • backup,
  • and sync, sharing, accessibility
  • you can access your data from anywhere

The benefits of cloud services really become worth paying for. You even sacrifice personal privacy or spend (waste)time seeing ads.

Suppose there was a far better method…
Yes, there is. It is the plug-and-play cloud storage.

It releases you from reliance on membership cloud solutions. It lets you share and team up the same as the cloud does. At the same time giving exclusive cloud storage. But more importantly free, open-source apps.

box in an office

This is not a joke. There is no tracking. No membership fees!
Big Technology charges you to utilize its cloud hardware. You rent out cloud service by paying with money, personal data, and your privacy. Well, Box is completely different. With Box, You are your own owner. It is powered by our open-source, peer-to-peer. These protocols develop the Fula network. It’s a protected, encrypted network. Also, it replaces big technology hardware with specific Box owners.

what box offers

 What you get is: 

  • photo storage space, 
  • automatic back-ups,
  • and other free-to-use services.
  • your data is always readily available, always safe.

From the ground up, it is built to put the power back into YOUR hands.

Your data is your property. Such as images, documents, and also data. All of it is totally secured. You own the key. The only way somebody accesses your information is for you to share.

lifestyle box

Leave Box at home. Bring your data with you.
This is stationary hardware. It sits on your work desk. Sync your devices and use all the advantages that you are used to getting from former cloud services. Anything you pick to store, from mobile phone images to laptop data, is totally secured. 

Your Box connects with other Boxes to develop the secure, people-owned Fula network.

fula network

Box stores your encrypted information. Additionally maintains backups on various other devices. And it gives you smooth data access from anywhere. As it remains in the cloud, your information is safe and also recoverable. At the same time available on all your tools. And of course accessible from anywhere.

Box provides as much storage as you require.

box and laptop

Cloud storage space providers usually offer inadequate terms. Storage space often is too small. And the expenses of a larger one are way too big. Box XL comes with 1 terabyte of storage! So, if you need extra, you can broaden it. Simply by connecting to an existing storage device you own. Another option is buying a new storage tower. And the last is adding a framework expansion card.

Access to some of Box’s most preferred applications immediately!


For example, Fotos is an app that supplies fast, meaning accessibility is so easy. Share your pictures from anywhere. Through the tools that are simple and intuitive. Box Record gives documents syncing as well as storage space. The Password Manager leverages hyper-private file encryption. That way assures you seamless access to your passwords.

Box produces a lasting and monetized community.

If you are an open-source developer, UX designer, or maybe content creator… You will benefit a lot! Their applications are totally free for end-users. In addition to offering important and useful services. Wheater for remote office, video gaming, messaging. Even tools for collaboration. The possibilities are endless…

Box quietly mines $FULA tokens.

box in an office

At the same time rewards individuals for providing sources on the Fula network. When you provide Box resources to others, you’re awarded in $FULA symbols for your contribution. With your usage of the app and service, the whole team of developers is quietly awarded. This makes it possible for us to guarantee that applications on Box are forever-free. At the same time repaying their developers for upkeep and upgrades. Something like BitTorrent, but completely legal!

Our equipment is an open-source platform. The design is modular plug-and-play.

With standardized dimensions, Box lets equipment developers construct extra plug-in towers. That way prolong its capability. Thanks to our modular layout, you can upgrade Box. For ex. if the new Thunderbolt standard is launched, upgrade it for a few dollars.

Technical Specs

base&grid, hub, tower

Box is powered by Raspberry Pi 4. It consists of a high-performance 64-bit quad-core processor. It offers:

  • dual-band 2.4/ 5.0 GHz wireless LAN, 
  • Bluetooth 5.0, 
  • Gigabit Ethernet, 
  • and USB 3.0.
  • up to 8 GB of RAM,
office design box

Box has expandable USB3 ports that serve to extend its features. With even more towers or to enable it to act as a docking station.

Box Lite

box lite

A solitary tower (Fula) enables individuals to connect additional devices. With its compute module it’s like an external storage drive. Additionally, it includes two USB-C ports. In case You are required to attach your own storage.

Box XL

box xl

Box XL consists of a base, grid, and two towers. One tower is the “hub”. It regulates connections with the other towers. The second one, the “Fula Tower” comes with a processor and a 1TB pre-installed card. Also expandable. Box XL includes:
Ability to expand your Box with 7 extra towers. That way allows you to add various other towers in the future.

That is possible via the mobile application. The Hub tower additionally works as a docking station. Attach various peripherals to a laptop (with the assigned USB-C on the tower).
In association with Functionland they supply their own mining towers for this form factor. That indicates that in the near future Box will have the ability to work with various other tokens. All along with $FULA.


In thrusting their goal onward, they are partnered with multi-hyphenate visionary Yves Béhar

Their wish is to create a well-sophisticated form factor for their hardware. Béhar is a world-renowned industrial designer, business owner, entrepreneur, educator…Not to mention, a founder and CEO of fuseproject. It’s a multidisciplinary studio in San Francisco. 

team functionland

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