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  • CheerTok All-in-one Pocket Touchpad for Any Smart Devices
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    CheerTok | All-in-one Pocket Touchpad for Any Smart Devices

    Air Mouse+Touchpad+Presenter+Shortcut Generator. This iPod-sized touchpad controls all your smart devices wirelessly! A super useful gadget for everybody, CheerTok will make your life easier and more practical. Meticulously designed and compatible to work with literally any of your devices. Trending now on Kickstarter and still […] More

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    ChouBox | The Ultimate Automatic Litter Box

    Meet ChouBox! It is a newly designed litter box! Constructed with the suggestion that caring for your cat must be easy. Their large litter box instantly accumulates and stores your pet’s waste. Hide it away, both from view and smell. ChouBox can accommodate any “type and size” of […] More

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  • Maicat Your Companion Robot Cat
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    Maicat | Your Companion Robot Cat

    A Cute and Intelligent AI Robot Cat Designed to Easily Adapt to Your Life and Home. Who wouldn’t want to have Maicat, the Cybernetic Companion Cat in their home? This cool robotic cat, which integrates AI and is designed for you will make you love […] More

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  • Smartphone Mobile Mini Dome - A unique phone waterproof case
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    Smartphone Mobile Mini Dome | A unique phone waterproof case

    Easily create amazing and beautiful over and underwater photographs, known as split photos, using your Smartphone. I think everybody dreamed of having a functional and practical waterproof case for a perfect underwater shot every time. Smartphone Mobile Mini Dome is what you were looking for! […] More

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  • The See-Everything Smart Lock | eufy Video Smart Lock
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    eufy Video Smart Lock | The See-Everything Smart Lock

    3-in-1 Combination | 2K Resolution Camera | 0.3s Fingerprint Recognition Smart Lock | Dual Motion Detection Doorbell Eufy is already well known for its high-quality and meticulously designed products. This one is no exception. Eufy Video Smart Lock is something every household needs. Super precise, […] More

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  • Passport III: All-in-One 65W Adapter for Home & Travel
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    Passport III | All-in-One 65W Adapter for Home & Travel

    Charges 6 Devices | 4 USB-C Ports | GaN Tech | 200 Countries | Press-and-Slide Controls | Auto-Resetting Fuse This amazing campaign by Zendure, Passport III charger, went viral in no time, counting over 6500 backers on Kickstarter currently. This one is special for its […] More

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    BeaverLAB Pro | A Whole New Microscopic World!

    Hi, let me present you with OCTSAN ( BeaverLab Pro )! It is an expert and intelligent microscope. Not just has 800 times ultra-definition LENS, yet also overturns the conventional microscopic display. BeaverLab Pro can accomplish high-def photo quality, wireless transmission, and also multiple people […] More

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    Cocinare | GoPower Elite Blender: Blend Your Way

    Are you ready to make the change? This blending power will make your thick smoothies for everyday enjoyment! The GoPower Elite Blender is made to create nutrient-rich shakes as well as a customized meal. It is equipped with an effective 1100W elite motor. Meaning,  you […] More

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    Sandbox Smart R2 | Coffee Roaster

    You finally decided to invest in your own home café? Well-roasted beans are essential to a good cup of coffee. Having a classic coffee roaster for home use is tough to manage. Especially the temperature while roasting. Which means the quality is often unpredictable. Home coffee roasters often have a […] More

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