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  • HCK3R: Antibacterial Smart Gloves
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    HCK3R ✅ Antibacterial Smart Gloves

    Lined With Pure Silver | Touch Enabled | All Season | Weather Resistant | Hypoallergenic HCK3R ™ Gloves by Arxtec are the next generation patent-pending all-season wise handwear covers lined with SLVRTEC ™, a naturally antibacterial pure silver lining. Protect your hands, keep them germ-free while you appreciate a […] More

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    FREESIXD ✅ World‘s Most Versatile Sling & Resistance Trainer

    An ultraportable sling and resistance trainer for a full-body workout anywhere and anytime you want! FREESIXD is the globe’s most functional sling and also resistance trainer. It incorporates the advantages of a sling trainer as well as resistance bands and provides you over 100 workouts […] More

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    OmniCase ✅ The 1st USB-C Hub Combined w/ Electronic Organizer

    Max.100W USB-C PD charge | 4K HDMI | SD&TF card slots | 2 USB-A 3.0 (5Gbps)| Gigabit Ethernet| Magnetic snap-on cable holder travel kit OmniCase is a travel-friendly docking station with all the ports you possibly need for your USB-C devices. Superior to those typical […] More

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  • UVCliin Sanitizer|Clean Anything In 5 Seconds
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    UVCliin Sanitizer | Clean Anything In 5 Seconds

    Sanitize everything effectively with the top-notch UVC LEDs. Powerful & ozone-free. Built with a power bank for your emergency needs. Do you know that your home is actually a hidden paradise for microorganisms? Not only are your toilets ridden with harmful particles, your kitchen sponges, […] More

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    WooBloo SMASH ✅ Portable 300 Lumens Smart Projector

    Alexa Built-In | 3-Hour Video Playback | HD Video | 360° Sound | Netflix, Prime, Hulu Pre-Installed Project movies and TV shows in your living room, bedroom, or backyard with SMASH—a portable smart projector. This is the first smart projector that comes with Alexa compatibility, […] More

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  • KEYsistant
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    KEYsistant | Pure Brass Multi-Function Key

    The first 8-in-1 anti-microbial, pure brass, no-touch, multi function key After seeing the limitations with PPE/EDC, their huge costs, environmental wastage, they knew there was a better way!  Hence, they created KEYsistant – the first pure, solid Brass, 8-in-1 multi-function, antimicrobial tool. With free carabiner, split-ring, pull […] More

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  • LinkLens: The World's 1st Open Air Smart Audio Snow Goggles
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    LinkLens | The World’s 1st Open Air Smart Audio Snow Goggles

    Music Playing | Phone Calling | Voice Assistant | Wind Noise Cancellation | Single-Ear Mode | Uni-body Design | Comfort-Fit | Anti-fog LinkLens are professional snow goggles with an audio-enabled system designed for ski and snow sports enthusiasts. LinkLens uses cutting-edge Open-Air Audio and Dual-mic Noise Cancellation technologies to […] More

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  • ATOM 2: World's 1st Auto-foldable 3-axis Phone Gimbal
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    ATOM 2 | World’s 1st Auto-foldable 3-axis Phone Gimbal

    Auto Setup & Folding | 3-axis Stabilizing | Built-in Tripod | One-Click Flip | Gesture Controls | 280g Super-lightweight | AI Tracking Snoppa has raised over $3000k over the last few crowdfunding campaigns. Now, they are glad to introduce our next-gen phone gimbal – ATOM 2, the […] More

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  • Waterproof 1000W Portable Battery Power Station
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    Waterproof 1000W Portable Battery Power Station

    1000W AC output I 1010Wh Li-po battery(2000 cycles) I 210W AC IN I 12-70V 12A 360W MPPT IN I PD 100W MONTEK X-1000 solar generator combines leading-edge technology in crystalline photovoltaic and electronics into one portable device to provide you with portable charging needs. This is a reliable, portable, […] More

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