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  • ATMOBLUE: Clean Air For All
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    ATMOBLUE | Clean Air For All

    A wearable smart-purifier that delivers 99.97% purified air to let you breath clean air freely Not Your Average Air-Mask ATMOBLUE is the world’s first wearable, smart air purifier. Our patented air filtration system uses industrial grade, replaceable filters, blocking 99.97% of air particulates.  ATMOBLUE’s unparalleled […] More

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    G-Glove The Most Complete Kitchen & Work Glove Ever

    Cut, Heat, and Water Proof with Insulated Callus Protection & Touch Screen Compatibility G-Glove – the most complete work and kitchen glove is available for order right now!  Combining all the features users want in an attractive, functional, and affordable package. Protect your hands and get the job […] More

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  • Silver Mask 2
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    Silver Mask 2 | The most trusted mask since 2017, revamped

    Protection face mask with new safety features: Polygiene™ Treatment, replaceable filter with anti-fog design, connected web-app. THIS ANTIVIRUS, CHIP-CONNECTED & ECO-FRIENDLY MASK The 5-year-veteran Silver Mask by BANALE revamped with Antivirus Protection, a Chip Connected App, and a free Recycling Program for exhausted filters. Presale on […] More

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  • A Revolutionary Campfire-Safe Puffy Jacket - The Element by Trekka
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    A Revolutionary “Campfire-Safe Puffy Jacket” | The Element

    An Epic Minimalist Outdoor Jacket – Fire-Resistant, Waterproof & Windproof – Premium Materials Puffy Jacket Features:   THE ONLY CAMPFIRE-PROOF JACKET – An outdoor jacket needs to be as light and breathable as possible, even campfire-proof ones.  We worked with fabric manufacturers to develop a lightweight laminated […] More

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    V20 | Feels fresh like new shoes every day

    While other shoes STINK, V20 nanotech waterproof shoes keep you odor protected all year long! With the capabilities of rain boots and the comfort of summer sandals, Vtex are the best all-season shoes. You’ll never want to take them off! Use them on rainy days or take […] More

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    Bebebark | designed bag

    Designed for Women. Made for Life. The bebebark is a compact, eco-friendly, day-to-night bag by LaFlore, designed by Natacha Seroussi. Made from premium, sustainable cork bark, bebebark combines timeless Parisian elegance and a classic square proportion with the everyday functionality required for modern women. Its […] More

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  • OMEGA pants by Graphene-X

    OMEGA pants by Graphene-X

    The world’s first Graphene integrated pants! INTRODUCTIONAfter surveying more than two thousand backers, the message was clear. Backers wanted all-around pants. In a market flooded with ultra-light – eco-squishy – you “can’t even feel me” pants; truly tough all-round pants were missing. Is not that […] More

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