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ChouBox | The Ultimate Automatic Litter Box


Meet ChouBox! It is a newly designed litter box!

cats and Choubox

Constructed with the suggestion that caring for your cat must be easy. Their large litter box instantly accumulates and stores your pet’s waste. Hide it away, both from view and smell. ChouBox can accommodate any “type and size” of your cat. Made with quality material, it will certainly last and clean easily. By doing this you can spend less time thinking about cleaning. That way spends even more time with your furry animal.

features of Choubox

Half a year of upgrading the entry and structure was spent.

All that to make the best comfort for your cat and yourself. A conveniently enlarged entryway suits any kind of potty position for cats. Also, you don’t require to squat when adding pet cat litter. Unlike various other self-cleaning cat litter boxes.

style Choubox

Yet they didn’t stop at convenience, they included a thoughtful feature. Vertical decline path to collect and store away waste, nearly two times as fast as others! Get rid of the smell of your pet’s feces. Skip also the visual content left behind them!

Choubox has you covered even when your cat is sick. Leaving a mess larger than normal, for Chau it’s not a problem.

On top of that, they solved the sealing as well disinfection. These are common troubles of all the standard cat can in the market. The sealed collection box comes with an integrated ozone generator. Meaning ChouBox secures 100% from smells and bacteria inside.

ChouBox ho it works

 ChouBox quickly assembles as well as disassemble when it’s time for cleaning. They engineered professional-quality security. At the same time very easy to take care of. With basic as well as instinctive modular design, you will effortlessly participate in thorough cleaning and also put back together!

ionizer chobox

They set Auto-pause and covered ChouBox with dozed infrared sensors. It stops cleaning immediately when it detects your cat’s closeness.

automatic stop

They care for the cat’s health as you do! Smart sensing units installed inside will track everything. Your cat’s weight, times of use, duration, and also the capacity of litter.
Data is collected and presented as a bar chart on the app. This will show you that your cat remains in good health.

Save 95% of your time with cat waste cleaning. The ChouBox instantly filters out waste.

So it can be sealed and also hidden away from view. Not to mention -the smell.
The remaining trash will be dumped with one click. Easy as with the click of a button.

self cleaning feature of choubox

LED display screen & Adjustable cleaning break. All products are pre-programmed for cleaning in a five-minute period. Right after the cat finishes peeing or pooping.
Clear and also simple led indicators mean also simple handling. Plug in your ChouBox and it’s ready, with no guidelines or instruction!

ChouBox app

Don’t stress about cleaning. The outer layer of ChouBox is produced with a dust-resistant material.  

Their ChouBox is suitable for all cat clutter on the litter, less than 20mm in size. They recommend eco-friendly cat litter as they advocate environmental protection.

outer layer

There are so many Automatic cat Litter Boxes on the Market, So Why The ChouBox? Due to the fact that most self-cleaning boxes have a critical defect: They are designed based on people’s demands.
The result is a device that is inherently difficult to bring with a pet’s needs right into the job. They managed that, as well as a lot more.

A group of individuals that love and appreciate their animals.

Equally, as much as you do!

ChouBox team

The team members of Choubox are all 1990ers. After graduating from university, they have been working in the pet industry. They are a team of market leaders, industrial developers, software engineers, hardware engineers, operations leaders, patent designers, and structural engineers. 
 As pet owners, deeply enjoy their pets! For them, they’re not simply animals yet family.

ChouBox Logo

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