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ClickStraw | One-click open straw that saves the ocean!

Easier, faster, and better to clean than other straws. No foul smell, taste, or residue! Helps reduce plastic waste from our oceans.

It’s the perfect time to get your ClickStraw!

However, they’re not the most lucrative alternative to conventional straws as the metal straws can be hazardous while paper and pasta straws tend to get soggy and may taste weird. One of the biggest problems with these straws is that they are difficult to clean, and no matter how many times you wash them with water, there is a chance of some residue getting stuck inside the straw. Furthermore, the straws that come with a cleaning brush aren’t really offering a feasible solution because the brush is often made of plastic and can cause health problems if not replaced regularly.

ClickStraw open
Clickstraw closed

It’s the perfect time to get your ClickStraw!

We tested over 100 different designs before figuring out the one we now use for ClickStraw!
Early rendring of a cross-section. I really like the tear drop form but sadly we found in testing that it isnt very practical.
Early retail package mock-up. Dont mind the German writing :D!
Early vacuum mold (colored) prototypes. I love how a little color brings the product to life!
It was a long road until we finally figured out a combination of wall, hinge and lock thickness that allowed us to: open/close the straw with ease but also provide a solid lock. This is a picture of an early (failed) prototype. For every design we created 20 or so iterations

After production and packaging is complete, we are planning to ship US rewards in bulk to our associate who will post them via USPS First-Class Package or UPS. Shipping options can be selected during the post-campaign survey after this Kickstarter campaign has concluded. All quoted rates are estimates. 


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