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Euler’s Orbiform, PentaOrbiform, HeptaOrbiform, and Sphere

Euler's Orbiform, PentaOrbiform, HeptaOrbiform and Sphere

Precision machined solids with constant width, a delight to eye

As this is their first campaign on Kickstarter, they are proudly introducing three sorts of Euler’s Orbiforms and a sphere in various materials and finishes. The only resemblance in these is their constant width at any kind of angle. Despite the fact that they are not spheres but still act like one. That’s why they included a sphere for you, to compare and enchant yourself with.

Euler's Orbiform, PentaOrbiform, HeptaOrbiform and Sphere

An Orbiform can roll like a ball although it is not a smooth curve and has edges. Its central mass is not as great as a sphere so it will not proceed to roll unless pressure continues to be on it.

Reuleaux triangle likewise known as orbiform when produced in 3D. It is the form developed at crossway when the center of 3 round disks are maintained at each point of the triangle with their borders touching the other two.

Reuleaux Triangle

With PentaOrbiform replacing Triangle with a Pentagon and using 5 circles, the circles overlap with 2 further sides and not the adjoining edges in this situation. The same goes with HeptaOrbiform, heptagon, and 7 circles from origin overlapping one neighboring edge.

Euler's Orbiform, PentaOrbiform, HeptaOrbiform and Sphere

These forms have actually been around us for some time, possibly you’ll start discovering and locating them more often.

All CNC machined from solid bars, their makers are equipped with a state of art setup imported directly from Germany, Japan, and South Korea. Their project is for math lovers, aesthetes, meditators, developers, creators, educators, and trainees. Even if you’re not mentioned above, owning this set will make you feel special.

Finishes and Metal

Euler’s Orbs are readily available in Stainless Steel, Copper, brass, and Hard Anodised Aluminium. You can pick from a mirror, machined, or stone in any material other than Aluminium as it just comes in polished black.

Euler's Orbiform, PentaOrbiform, HeptaOrbiform and Sphere
  • Brass Mirror Finish Edited (Cleaned up)
  • Brass Mirror Finish Natural
  • Copper Mirror Finish Edited (cleaned)
  • Copper Mirror Finish Natural
  • Stainless Steel Mirror Finish Edited (Cleaned)
  • Stainless Steel Mirror Finish Natural
  • Brass Matte Finish
  • Copper Matte Finish
  • Stainless Steel Matte Finish
  • Brass Stone Finish
  • Copper Stone Finish
  • Stainless Steel Stone Finish
  • Hard-Anodized Aluminium
Euler's Orbiform, PentaOrbiform, HeptaOrbiform and Sphere


· You will see 3 microdots on the unique anodized aluminum orbs which is a mark of where it was gotten hold of from while anodizing. It is generally not visible till specifically looked for.

· Copper and Brass stain gradually due to oxidization however it can be quickly cleaned with any type of copper cleansing cream.

· Since aluminum is hard anodized, it is scratch resistant when compared to other materials.

Euler's Orbiform, PentaOrbiform, HeptaOrbiform and Sphere

Environmental dedications

Lasting design

Their products are durable because the Orbiforms are made from strong steels, with their care instructions provided, aiding the user to keep it looking just as new when bought.

Reusability and recyclability

Since they are eco-conscious concerning the usage of natural resources and the carbon footprint left in the process. Even if it increases their making price. They are reusing Aluminium which uses 95% much less power and saves 97% of greenhouse gas emissions than producing from raw materials.

Euler's Orbiform, PentaOrbiform, HeptaOrbiform and Sphere

Sustainable materials

  • Recycling aids in the preservation of the metal ore as well as reducing contaminants released right into the wider atmosphere.
  • Requires 56% less energy than generating steel from the core.
  • Decreases carbon emission by up to 58%.

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