Flagship universal knife with hand-carved grips
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Flagship | Universal knife with hand-carved grips

The ultimate kitchen knives for any cooking needs. Versatile, elegant, and created to stay sharp

All Flagship products are standing out and these small-batch knives are available exclusively to their backers. They are made from distinctively ornate multi-layered steel and finished with stunning “swirling” design hand-cut grips.

Flagship Universal knife

Hand-shaped to perfection

The handles are hand-carved from solid blocks of G10 fiberglass. In other words, it’s a rock-hard material that will never scratch or discolor. The unique swirling ornaments are in the material structure, thus there are no two Flagship knives that look identical.

Flagship | Universal knife

The opening hours secret reward

As a token of appreciation for their loyal backers and their first backers, they are going to include a FREE Flagship butter spreader with EVERY Flagship knife ordered within the first hours of the campaign. LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE. Therefore, pledge while they still have them and you’ll automatically receive one spreader for EACH of your Flagship knives. You don’t need to do anything to claim this secret deal. They’ll go by your backer number and add it to your post-campaign survey order.

Flagship | Universal knife

Top-quality Damascus steel

You can’t compromise manufacturing high-quality knives. The Flagship blade is forged from 67-layers of high-quality steel forming a “Damascus blade”. Damascus steel is known for centuries and is famous for being super durable and almost impossible to break.

Flagship | Universal knife

It’s not about being sharp, it’s about staying sharp.

Flagship blade includes stainless and carbon steel layers which are repeatedly forged together.

As a result, the blade combines the advantages of both materials. It’s extremely hard and stays sharp much longer than even on the best solid metal knives. Therefore, it will never rust, and food doesn’t stick its beautiful wavy patterns like on many other knives.

Flagship | Universal knife

The universal kitchen tool

They’ve combined the most important features of the best knives into one universal and very practical design. Flagship is versatile enough to cover any of your cooking needs: cut, slice, chop, dice, or mince. Additionally, it’s dishwasher-safe!

Flagship | Universal knife

Perfect for any hand

An ergonomic handle makes it equally comfortable to operate regardless of how large or small your hand is, and a special bolster protects users from accidental cuts and provides the perfect balance.

Flagship | Universal knife

The most important features

It took many tests and adjustments to finalize a scientifically designed universal knife. Consequently, the perfect synthesis of the best materials with the optimum blade’s cutting angle, shape, length, width, thickness, handle-to-blade proportions, and the serrated front edge makes this knife the most effective utility knife available.

Flagship | Universal knife

For their backers only

It’s easily the most elegant knife, that you’ll want to use again and again. Moreover, a special knife deserves special packaging. For their backers, it will come in a classy gift box with magnetic locks and Limited-Edition acknowledgment printed.

Flagship | Universal knife

Team & Development

It might seem that a knife is just a knife. Wrong! In other words, there is a huge difference between a knife and the knife you’ll love to use on any occasion, a year after a year. It took us about 14 months, tons of implemented innovations, and a lot of prototyping, and testing. Improvements, adjustments, testing, again and again. And here is the Flagship Ultimate knife: your best universal knife to make cooking a pleasure.

Flagship | Universal knife

Their team consists of people from different countries, backgrounds, and of different ages. Nevertheless, they all share the same passion: cooking. They want their food to be something special every time. The team already worked as a team manufacturing the Flagship grills and Flagship Grills Light and solved all possible production hiccups doing that. They have also established working relationships with two logistics companies to ensure smooth and timely delivery of all rewards to the backers. The team is well-prepared and qualified to guarantee the best product delivered to your kitchen.

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