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GPods | The World’s First Earbuds With Light Control

Hy backers, let me introduce you to GPods! This World’s first TWS earbuds with light control.


Also, there are removable accessories that can offer customers an individualized light-up experience. Adapted to their very own state of mind, song choices, and even style. It’s an immersive experience like no other. Inside every set of GPods is an independent spirit.


A software system is so unique that it permits complete control of emanating light.  Built right into every GPods – Dimness, illumination, rhythm action, tones, and shades.

They are at their beck and call with digital technology. Artificial Intelligence has algorithmic capabilities. That way allows for organizing photos as well as assessing the color ratios found in stored photos. Shades for every pixel in a photo are sorted in order to calculate color blocks.  A colorful design from each earbud comes from those blocks.

GPods project picturesque vignettes, lasting memories… All in all, the most memorable moments for all to see.


Let loose creativity with do-it-yourself shade settings. Practically, there are countless chances for the light result. GPods sustain an estimated 300,000 shade combos. The foundation of 72 shades represents the base. They encourage you to make individual preferences. Select the best color for the right mood.

Color and songs blend for a light show that will blow your mind. Day or night.

GPods include electronic innovation to handle 6 built-in LED lights. Al that in the full-on red-green-blue (RGB) range. The shade of each LED changes to match the songs, the beat, and the groove. That is possible with algorithmic controls.

They have actually made different changes to the lighting! That way they accomplished the best lighting impact.

Personalized snap-on hold GPods in place. At the same time carefully keep each earbud’s speaker unit separate from the outer casing. The outcome is a visible, tailored display. But in no way disrupts the audio top quality of the speaker.

Their motivation was little drops of water.

They collectively fill the world’s rivers, lakes, and oceans… This was an idea for the vivid design. They called it The Beginning. Just as shimmering flashes are created when sunshine assesses the droplets of a watery surface, GPods impress the eyes, There are 6 full-color LEDs.

” Tiger Stripes”:

Mighty tigers are the bearers of good fortune. The GPods stylish, limited-edition Tiger Stripes design device is for those that are fearless and open-minded. Wear it for a personalized look that claws with confidence.

Attach GPods in no time.


Exchanging accessories has never been so easy and also hassle-free. GPods plans to proceed with increasing its accessory. That way they will make sure that every experience is individual and one-of-a-kind.


GPods use active noise cancellation (ANC) and feed-forward topology technologies.

Achieve dazzling sound control, minimizing history audio degrees of approximately 25 decibels. Outer sounds including voices are detected as well as filtered out. All that without distortion with an AI system developed into every GPods.

High-definition (HD)audio includes 10mm vibrant drivers that deliver every detail, every tone. Tuning is enhanced using a polymer composite diaphragm in each earbud. By incorporating the drivers it extracts the finest of musical points. HD audio coding technology enhances the depth of audio. At the same time, you get the sense of presence, as well as spatial dynamics.

Touch is power. 

You can play music, pick up calls…Combined with light effects, and also noise cancelation this works perfectly. Effortlessly maneuver through user touch. Feel the difference with GPods.

On a single charge, you can maintain it for as much as 5 hours. And with an outside external charger for more than 20 hours. Power life is shortened to around 3 hours when light effects and ANC are on.  GPods can be fast-charged, with 10 minutes of charging. That will ensure 2 hrs of listening pleasure.


By including Bluetooth 5.2, GPods offer transmission rates of 2 Mbps.

This is two times the speed available with Bluetooth 5.0. Transmission capacity (an 800% increase) and range (four times higher) have actually also climbed significantly.


No sweat for the sweat. No problem with the pool too. GPods have actually been provided a waterproofing score of IPX4. That implies you can focus on the music, not the wetness.

 They invested more than a year in the mission for an optimal light experience. 

A few iterations were devised, along with 8 variations of interchangeable accessories. The final product has delivered a light effect, unlike any other experience. They distributed some prototypes in advance.Influencers with substantial follower bases are talking about the innovative smarts as well as the innovative layout of GPods.


GPods have actually already finished from the item growth. The product passed all of debugging stages. All features have actually performed well with great results on every front.

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