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Create your dream space from the comfort of your home. The app that will save you time & money!

Two years ago, Hukaya founder, Doreen, thought what if she took engineering/designing tools and incorporated them in an easy-to-use app that would help anyone to design their own home conveniently and also connect them with licensed professionals. 


As the client-to-professional relationship gets enhanced, their idea builds a greater network of constructive communication between architects, engineers, and customers working together on the design. This creates a room for emerging architects and engineers to freelance and create jobs for themselves hence encouraging future aspiring architects/engineers in the field.

The Hukaya platform being online reduces the risk of their customers purchasing the wrong furniture or painting for their homes or venues.

This is done by allowing them to visualize before any purchases, and also to get ideas of renovation and reuse before any discarding.


Want to design your dream home, but do not know where to start. Create your dream space from the comfort of your home. This easy-to-use design app, lets you visualize your home and spaces before you make any big, costly decisions. Design your floor plans exterior and interior spaces in just a few clicks. It’s compatible with your PC, tablet, and mobile devices.

Meet Doreen, a civil engineer. During her senior year at university, a family member to help design their dream home. But as most senior year students, she had very limited time, and that is when she came up with Hukaya’s concept.


This app lets you visualize your spaces, so you can see exactly what you’re working towards.

You won’t need any prior architecture or design expertise to use this app. The platform caters to all kinds of users from those with no architectural background to architects, engineers, and designers. For what would have taken you at least a few weeks now takes minutes.

Be involved throughout the process, plan your budget, plan your inventory, and share your designs with friends and family across the globe. Design like a pro, design with a pro, and get connected to professionals. Suitable for the job to bring your ideas to life.


This app will save you time and money and let you enjoy the process. Hukaya lets you devote more energy to what’s enjoyable about planning a new space. Besides tech already helps you stay healthy, so why not? Let it help you design your home. Budgeting is highly essential for the product to be complete within the set time frame.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Hukaya. Support them today to make this happen!


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