PRIMAL | Men’s grooming products, powered by artificial intelligence

Simple, clean, and remarkably effective. Available at no additional cost

Check out this very interesting and cool campaign. If you’re a man who is into skin&hair care or taking care of yourself in general, this is what you’ve been looking for! The most interesting fact about PRIMAL is that their AI Dermatologist customizes your everyday skin & hair essentials by analyzing important factors such as type, habitat, and lifestyle while considering your smell preferences, changes over time, and many more.


They rethought “mass production” and created something unique, that’s made for YOU. Nowadays everyone sells something that doesn’t perfectly suit you. Remember that t-shirt you ordered? It’s going to be either loose or too tight. When it comes to your skin or hair, it’s even harder to use something mass-made that actually works for you.


Above all, as a backer of their innovative project, you will only back Primal Y once and get access to all their existent and future products at production cost. That’s just amazing!

  • No harmful or toxic ingredients. No chemicals. Totally cruelty-free.
  • All the products go through a rigorous quality check process.
  • Your everyday essentials can have the same amazing perfume that you prefer!
  • Naturally scented or perfume-free, it’s your choice.
  • Distinctive fragrances developed exclusively by French perfumers.
  • Fine textures are easily applied so you can do your routine easily.

Besides the 8 products already available, they aim to create an entire line of PRIMAL grooming products for you. Encompassing all the products you will ever need: including aftershave, body lotions, and conditioners to natural toothpaste tablets, face masks, and so on.


Their algorithm can predict the right time for sending you a new batch so you never run out. They do it based on a few factors like your personalized routine, optimal usage of every product, your skin & hair specific needs, product arrival date, and a few fancy statistics.

The products have a cool and discreet design that you will want to showcase instead of tucking them away.

As more and more people use their products and provide feedback, the Artificial Intelligence system gets better and better at matching your skin and hair needs with products.


In the end, by supporting them you help the entire community.

They started by rethinking the way they offer their products to you. For a clean and proficient process, they do everything in-house. That means the entire profile analysis, the AI formulation, the production, and the customer care.

Because they want to build a strong community that supports and engages with them, that provides constant feedback on their skin & hair progress in order to continuously improve Primal Y and increase the range of products.


As more backers use their products and offer feedback, their analysis and production systems improve, offering better and better products each day. Therefore, with the power of crowdsourcing science, you are helping not only yourself but the whole community.

The result is that they can deliver real premium products at literally half the price of everyone else. This is potentially saving you thousands of dollars per year. And for that cost, you will have a lifetime AI dermatologist at your disposal.


This campaign is the only opportunity to get the PRODUCTS AT COST with a lifetime membership. Anyone who joins the community afterward will benefit from the products at full prices.

To sum up, if you start your skincare and haircare regimen at the age of 30, and live to be 100, you’ll save as much as 50,000€!

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